Health and Safety Software for Builders – Health & Safety Xpert Update

The latest update of highly rated health and safety software for builders is out now! Find out what’s new.

Health & Safety Xpert is health and safety software for builders that helps keep building sites safe and reduces the amount of time builders and developers have to spend wading through paperwork.

Health & Safety Xpert users will know already how good the software is but read on to find out what’s inside the latest update to the health and safety software designed specifically for domestic construction…

Firstly, we have had our health and safety review with our experts to make sure all the documents are up to date with the current regulations. Health & Safety Xpert users can therefore ensure they are doing what is required of them and meeting CDM and CHAS duties.

Health & Safety Xpert software update

As part of HBXL’s dedication to our users we regularly update our software to make sure it is in line with the latest regulations and meeting our builders’ requirements. This is why our latest update to Health & Safety Xpert has nine new Risk Assessments that address some of the most common causes of work related illnesses and fatalities in construction. The new Risk Assessments included are:

  • Block and Brick Work Risk and safety software for builders fast accurate easy
  • Boom Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) Risk Assessment.
  • Scissors MEWP Risk Assessment.
  • Genie Hoists operations Risk Assessment.
  • Operating ride-on plant and vehicles Risk Assessment.
  • Flammable liquids storage and use.
  • Hand arm vibration Risk Assessment.
  • Site electricity supply.
  • Working in occupied domestic premises.

Block and brick work

We have created a new Risk Assessment specifically targeted at block and brick work and the prevention of accidents. We have noticed a rise in reported incidents involving wall collapses including many fatalities to both workers and the public. The thing that stands out to us from these incidents is the fact that in many cases investigators claim the event could have been avoided if the proper practises were taken.

Risk Assessments to address common construction fatalities

The most common reasons for fatalities in construction according to RIDDOR statistics for 2014-15 were falls from height and joint secondly being trapped by something collapsing/ overturning, or being struck by a moving vehicle with 4 fatalities each in 2014-15. Health & Safety Xpert has new Risk Assessments for vehicles and working at height that can help to prevent these incidents including;

  • Boom Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) Risk Assessment.
  • Scissors MEWP Risk Assessment.
  • Genie hoists operations Risk Assessment.
  • Operating ride-on plant and vehicles Risk Assessment.

Dermatitis exposure

We also have new Risk Assessments to help prevent work related illnesses such as the common issue of Dermatitis. This skin disease accounts for 80 per cent of occupational skin ailments and is not something to be sniffed at. Those who have experienced it or know someone who has, which is likely to be most of us due to how prevalent it is, will know the level of discomfort it causes  and how it can even end careers! Work related illnesses can be very costly, both in terms of physical discomfort and for employers who are left with sickness absence, recruitment, training and compensation expenses. The impact of work related illness is something HBXL looked at you can find our report here.

health and safety software for builders cdm 2015 complianceMore Risk Assessments and other upgrades

As well as the above mentioned additions we have created new Risk Assessments for highly flammable liquids, storage and use, site electricity supply and working in occupied domestic premises.

Now’s the time to renew, update or give it a go with the HSE performing unannounced inspections!

Now is the time you should get your health and safety documentation sorted! The HSE have announced that they will be undertaking a series of random inspections. The dates suggested are between the 3rd of October and the 4th of November. Even if you think you are able to manage without health and safety software, all it takes is to forget one thing and you could be facing unlimited fines! With Health & Safety Xpert you can be sure that you have all the required paperwork as it automatically sorts which documents you need based on your job specifications.

Already have the software? Make sure you are up to date with the latest version by upgrading or renewing your support and updates. This way you can ensure you’re up to date with the latest regulations and duties!

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