HBXL CSR update

HBXL Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) update

HBXL Building Software is a company that has always had a sense of duty and care for our users, our staff and the world around us which is why our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something very important to us. Read on to find out some of the ways we do this and what we have planned for the future…HBXL CSR christmas-jumpers-cutout


As an office we love to get stuck into fundraising and in particular enjoy making it fun with a bit of fancy dress or a nice cake bake! In the past 12 months we have held several cake sales for Children In Need and St Peter’s Hospice, which always proves to be successful with all the sweet tooth’s in the office. We’ve also had various fancy dress days including dressing as your childhood hero for Children In Need, the letter ‘M’ for Cancer Research UK, a Christmas jumper day for Macmillan and a completely red themed day for the British Heart Foundation.

You would be forgiven for thinking that all we do is eat cake and dress up but we also roll around in mud! A few of the team decided to work off the cake days by completing Tough Mudder with Natalie (our Office Administrator) raising a whopping £1,230 for the Epilepsy Society all by herself!

Caring for the environment

Care for the environment is something that we take very seriously at HBXL. We have recently registered to be accredited by Go Green for businesses to help us focus on becoming a more green company though we have always had a direction to be environmentally conscious.

And we have long encouraged our staff to cycle to work (we operate a cycle to work scheme) and be energy conscious when at work as well opting for the most environmentally considerate and sustainable resources and practices as a company whole. This could be from making sure our paper suppliers are responsibly sourced and using companies like Utilitywise to help us focus on reducing our energy usage.

Team-cutoutTeamwork makes the dream work! (Cheesy we know – but it’s true!)

One of the teams favourite’s sayings but it is something we definitely believe at HBXL. As a company we put a lot of effort into making sure our staff are happy and working well together because when they’re happy they can pass on this happiness to our users and partners. One way in which we like to ensure the happiness of our staff is to reward and motivate them so we signed up to Perkbox – an employee rewards scheme. After all, people who love what they do, tend to do it best.  Here, staff are given badges of appreciation to help recognise when someone has been doing a great job! PS  there’s an option for staff to opt out of Perkbox and donate to charity (you’d actually be surprised how many of the team opted for the charity donation!).

Another way in which we make sure our staff are happy is ensuring that they feel they are working to the best of their ability and that they are developing in their role at HBXL which encourages employee sustainability. This is great for clients as it means staff who really know our software products inside out stay on. This is why we place emphasis on helping our staff progress and enhance their skillset and support them in obtaining qualifications and diplomas.

Helping clients get the max from their investment

How annoying would it be to invest in software and then never get round to using it? Our dedicated team of Support Super Heroes will ensure that NEVER happens. We are committed to our users and to ensuring that they are getting the most possible benefit out of all our software products and services. This is why we run a 9-5pm support service (included FOC in year one!) as well as continuously monitoring client feedback to improve what we do, as well as adding new ways to help our users master the skills they need. And it really does mean the world to us when we get positive feedback and hear that our users are very satisfied not only with our products but with their overall experience of HBXL and the HBXL team.

But wait…there’s more!

Never satisfied that we have done everything we can, HBXL still have plans for more and how to improve all areas of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Whether it is supporting our local ambulance service or changing our software boxes and letterheads to more sustainably sourced providers, HBXL are single minded in our commitment to not only being socially responsible but going the extra mile to make sure we leave our users, staff and the world around us happier for having made our acquaintance! We do hope you’ll like doing business with us.

If you would like to know more about HBXL and our software range then please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.