Go digital: The HBXL campaign to help builders digitally manage their jobs

Go Digital HBXLCalling all builders – if you’re not using a range of digital tools to manage your building firm – the HBXL Go Digital campaign is for you! In 2022 you can’t reduce your costs, fix problems, work efficiently, be more profitable and grow your business without software. We have entered the era of digital necessity.

  • What ‘you’ve always done’ isn’t going to cut it any more
  • Software isn’t a ‘nice to have’ – it has become essential
  • If you’re still using memory, post-it notes, sheets of paper and spreadsheets – you risk being left behind
  • Forward-thinking building firms are letting software solutions do the heavy lifting
  • It’s time to think long-term – not just the here and now
  • It’s your chance to leapfrog your competitors who are still operating in the past
  • Software is transforming the role of the building firm owner
  • If you want to spend less time on admin – and do it better (be more efficient and profitable) – please read on.

Did we give you enough reasons?? HBXL’s software is a suite of digital tools connecting all your estimating, plans and elevations, health and safety, contracts and project management – so that YOU can work at your very best, flexing as the future changes. Your HBXL software tools are as valuable as the kit you remove from the van each night…

Call us on 0117 916 7898 to get started or begin with a short online demonstration. We’ve expanded the number of slots available.

Why the HBXL digital campaign for builders really matters

Chances are you’re wasting time and leaking money. Brutal but very likely true. The biggest issue is time management. How many hours you spend quoting. How much time you spend sorting materials, plant, labour. And so on. How you spend your time directly affects:

  • The profitability of your business
  • Its financial health generally
  • The type of work you go after
  • The type of customers you attract
  • The value you can offer your customers.

So who’s resisting properly embracing software? Is it you? Someone you work with? Family? Whatever the reason, the HBXL Go Digital Campaign is designed to take away the fear factor and make software accessible for smaller 1-5 person building firms. We’ve removed any barriers to software for all.

Digital tools are no longer just for the big boys!

“Hefty inflation, fluctuating prices and project delays are placing a huge pressure on building firms who are also navigating the impacts of the pandemic. If they drop the ball even for a moment, there’s a chance they’ll lose serious money,” explains Joanna Mulgrew, the new Managing Director of HBXL.

The HBXL way is the easier way to go digital

  • IT skills are not needed for using HBXL’s software – it’s WAY easier than you think
  • Our five products have been re-engineered to be even more straightforward for you to use
  • The cost is realistic – you can pay a cashflow-friendly annual subscription or get a value-for-money lifetime licence and pay a small annual Support & Updates fee
  • The whole process is ‘step by step’ with visual aids and hints and tips that appear in the window as you go
  • Each product will do the heavy admin lifting for you – most of the time it’s simply prompting you to answer questions and make some choices
  • The project data in the estimate also populates the health and safety, contracts and project management software, saving you even more time – how easy is that!?

Call us on 0117 916 7898 to get started or begin with a short online demonstration. We’ve expanded the number of slots available.

Software isn’t just for 20-somethings!

The last thing we want to do is exclude anyone with 20 or 30 years of valuable building experience. Everyone should be able to benefit from time- and money-saving software. Our founder was in the building trade for 40+ years. He launched HBXL for everyone – not just TikTok and Snapchat users! The sales guys and the support team cut the c**p and give it to you straight – no one’s talking in jargon.

We’re here with help and free training if you want it

  • You’ll receive a complimentary coaching session of up to 2 hours
  • Help with your first estimate or CAD drawing
  • The option of eight free hours of live-streamed training to sharpen your new found skills
  • The course is also available On Demand.

Free business coaching

We’ve also introduced ‘Team HBXL’ which is available to all our new users.

  • You have free access to experienced coaches
  • Our Business Coach has mentored hundreds of builders and helps construction businesses become more profitable
  • Our finance professional is available with free advice on accounting and finances
  • And soon a Renewable Energy Coach will advise on offering solar and more to your customers
  • And there are more experts to follow.

Call us on 0117 916 7898 for details.

A range of tools to help your building projects from start to finish

Joanna explains, “Our estimating software EstimatorXpress, tracks the latest prices. It does both the ‘quote date’ and ‘start date’ calculations for you. It covers your wear and tear and wastage and includes your other business overheads. Material schedules are produced automatically so you can give Builders Merchants advanced notice – in today’s market, it’s the most organised firms who get the materials when they need them! The onboard Gantt chart will take a date change in a job and cascade the consequences.”

“Homeowners love seeing visuals of their projects brought to life both in plan and in 3D visualisations. So we’ve made sure that CAD is no longer just for architects and technicians. Our PlansXpress software gives builders the chance to explore a new skill – drawing architect quality buildings plans – without the need for qualifications. It also puts a stop to all the to-ing and fro-ing with architects – fiddling with drawings that simply increase the bill.

“Our Health & safety Xpert exists to help builders avoid fees and fines because they either don’t understand their obligations or just don’t have the capacity to deal with all the paperwork. The software works out what documents are relevant to the job in hand and helps you get through it all.

“Our ContractsXpert software makes sure that builders don’t get caught out by cowboy customers. It helps avoid awkward conversations and final payments being argued about. Everyone knows where they stand.

“Essentially, our software tools are as much about fairness, a level playing field and honesty as they are about making a decent living. It’s what we believe a long-suffering residential construction industry deserves.”

Are you ready for this new era of digital construction?

The events of the past couple of years have changed everything. There’s been disruption. Set backs. Advances. We’re navigating new situations every month. But you can also use the experience as a new opportunity to evolve your business and your own role. Reduce your risks. More quality time. Better returns.

Remember, using software doesn’t have to be difficult. Transform your business the easy way.

Call us on 0117 916 7898 to get started or begin with a short online demonstration. We’ve expanded the number of slots available.

HBXL Go Digital