HBXL are receiving an increasing number of phone calls from builders who say their competition is using our software.

Understandably, they’re worried they are missing out – losing jobs to building firms who are getting their quotes back to customers faster due to quick estimating.

If you haven’t got EstimatorXpress, you could be falling behind. Why? Because the software can speed up your estimating process by up to 60%!

EstimatorXpress uses over 350 in-built calculators – just enter your job details and the software does the rest. And…it doesn’t get rushed or make mistakes, so quick estimating doesn’t mean you have to compromise on accuracy.

Then there’s PriceTracker – so you can keep up with the latest product prices – and optional merchant links that give you access to thousands of live product prices straight from your builders’ merchant. No more searching for product costs or waiting around for people to get back to you.

Time is of the essence when it comes to estimating – it could make all the difference between winning and losing the work!

Find out more about EstimatorXpress quick estimating here of go straight to the shop! Alternatively, give us a call and speak to our team on 0845 1234 065 or 0117 916 7898.