Hundreds of estimating calculators to choose from

EstimatorXpress has hundreds of thoroughly tested in-built estimating calculators up to latest building regulations. Designed with the computer novice in mind, you simply input dimensions into easy to understand pictures in the estimating calculators of what you are building and answer Yes/No questions the software asks you. EstimatorXpress costs and itemises the work for your job in an instant.


Costs up all your resources - materials, labour, plant, subcontract and sundry

See the unit cost, the estimate rate, quantities and wastage. You can change any of these resources in the specification at any time. You won’t find any other software with the flexibility of EstimatorXpress!

For example you can set the software to the materials you commonly use (your Favourites) as well as your labour or plant preferences to ensure total accuracy. The software then remembers the way you work for all future jobs for even more time saving.


Eliminates the guesswork to maximise your project profitability

There’s no guesswork. Nothing’s missed. Nothing is overlooked. Unlike other broad-brush systems, it has calculated the lot in detail -materials, labour and plant! The software doesn't make mistakes when tired or overworked. It won’t forget the calculations and dimensions used if distracted for any reason.

You can now safely throw your calculator in the bin!


Save time – in fact save 67 days a year estimating on average!

EstimatorXpress is actually saving builders over 468 hours each year on estimating, typing quotes, keeping prices up-to-date and scheduling material orders. That equates to a staggering 67 days’ worth of time-saving each year thanks to speedy estimating calculators, instant quotes and immediate management reports! See exactly how much time YOU could be saving with our ROI calculator.