EstimatorXpress 2023 and PlansXpress 2023

A huge number of new walls have been added to EstimatorXpress and PlansXpress in a big software update for 2023. And there’s more…

What do you mean by lots more walls?

You have way more flexibility to alter the make-up of a wall whether you’re designing or estimating. Users are already loving it!

  • Choose from a long list of external finishes (different cladding, renders and tiles including SIPs and ICF)
  • Choose from a long list of internal finishes (insulated plasterboard, tile backer board, regular plasterboard and wet plastering)
  • Price timber frame within the main wall rather than having to price for it separately
  • Various options for thickness and for double boarding
  • For walls with areas of different external finish i.e. cladding on an otherwise brick or rendered wall, you can specify a second external finish and set up the area of the wall that requires that finish
  • Price for a plinth at the bottom of the wall, or a parapet at the top
  • Options for external and internal insulation
  • And option for pricing a parge coat.

As far as EstimatorXpress is concerned, the new walls feature brings together items currently in different estimating calculators all in one place. How handy is that?

What else is in EstimatorXpress 2023?

  1. When you’re doing your customer quotation, you’ll have extra functionality in the assumptions and omissions screen.  You’ll be able to re-order your assumptions and omissions, and also save your favourite text to a library that you can select in the future for other jobs.
  2. Another new time-saving/ease of use feature. When you’re setting up a new job, the custom quote templates will be available alongside the standard quote templates in the same list.

We’ve put as many of the EstimatorXpress options into PlansXpress as we can. Scroll to the bottom of this page for the links for renewing or upgrading your software if you’re out of date.

In the meantime, have a look at this lovely looking New Build drawn in PlansXpress with all its Parapet walls!

Look at all the new wall types like Clad Block Cavity, Clad SIPS, Rendered Block & Timber, Rendered ICF, Stone & SIPS…

And the new specification selection of a wall

What next?

Haven’t got these software tools yet? You can buy or subscribe to EstimatorXpress 2023 here and PlansXpress here. If you have the software and your Support & Updates is up-to-date then just download the updates via the user zone. If you need to renew or upgrade in order to receive these updates (and all previous ones) call Joe or Nikolay on 0117 916 7892 or make your payment online.