Easily draw plans from scratch!


Draw plans from scratch CAD software for easy build plans How would you feel about cutting your estimating time by 39%? That is the equivalent of 35 days a year you could be spending relaxing or winning more jobs! Easily price up a job, produce a schedule, Bill of Quantities and more straight off the plan you’ve just drawn using HBXL’s ground-breaking 3D Visual Estimating software. Not only that, its quietly creating you a 3D model in the background. No effort required!

Sounds unbelievable but its true! This is why we wanted to share the brilliance with you.Draw plans from scratch CAD software

You don’t have to be computer savvy to produce architect quality plans, let alone a CAD expert. Our software is easy to use allowing you can save money on architect and quantity surveyor bills. And if you need to make changes…the power is right there at your fingertips! Read on to find out how to draw plans from scratch yourself and watch our X-Connex video to see how the whole suite works seamlessly together.

Draw plans from scratch estimating software

Easily drag and drop walls, doors windows, roofs and the rest of the building using PlansXpress inteligent and user-friendly CAD drawing tools.


Draw plans from scratch estimating software for builders

Simply key in the dimensions alongside the diagrams for the footings, the walls, the roof.


Draw plans from scratch estimating software for developers

Import the new ‘data-packed’ plan into the EstimatorXpress program.


Draw plans from scratch CAD software for builders

In TWO MINUTES EstimatorXpress will use the data in the plan to calculate the cost of the materials, plant, labour and everything else needed for 100% accuracy.


Then print your professional-looking quote for your customer. It’s that easy!

That’s 3D Visual Estimating. Don’t forget…its been building you a 3D drawing from your plans as you went along. Ready to impress the client and double check everything is looking in order, ensuring you haven’t forgotten to draw anything. Everything you need for architect quality plans with a few clicks of a mouse, and its dead easy too! Why not get a free 14 day trial today?