Construction firms: How to estimate your way to a successful future with these 10 tips.

Article: Construction firms: How to estimate your way to a successful future with these 10 tips.

What have you got that other building firms haven’t? Us.

The fact that you’ve landed here is already giving you a head start. So it’s probably best that no one else knows about this page. Keep it on the down low. Otherwise they’ll all want a piece of the action.

You see; every building firm is working like crazy right now. All the jobs delayed because of Covid-19. And all the projects that homeowners have commissioned while working at the dining table.

But a lot of building firms aren’t thinking long term. Have they thought about the possibility of ‘boom and bust’? Probably not. And if they have, they’ve decided to deal with it if and when they need to.

But that will be too late. Let’s look at the worst-case scenario. In six or nine months time there are suddenly fewer building projects on the market. Most of the ‘go-ahead’ homeowners have commissioned their project or are about to. Whereas those who are still sitting on savings are either nervous about releasing funds ‘in case’ or have other plans like big holidays, a motor home…  All of which will result in too many building firms going for the same few jobs.

Who wins them? The most prepared construction firms – who know how to estimate and estimate well.

There’s a saying ‘prepare for the worst and hope for the best’. And that’s what any savvy business person will be doing right now.

Construction firms: Estimate the right way

No one wants a bust, a dip or rapid decline. But to be forewarned is to be forearmed. And this is how you can prepare:

  1. Up your estimating standards so that the competition look like sloppy, unprofessional amateurs.
  2. Provide a level of detail in the estimate that is so reassuring, the homeowner wants you and no one else.
  3. Prove your worth. You may have to work on your customer service, marketing, presentation, facebook page, website…
  4. Then you can quote them right. Not cheaply. Not outrageously. Little known fact – homeowners rarely choose the cheapest, even if they tell you they’ve found someone who’ll do it for less…
  5. Put all of this in place and your building firm’s status will match the price tag. You may never have quoted the right amount
  6. Offer Design & Build. A new string to your bow. Get your head round CAD design now and in six months’ time (less if you come to us) you’ll be giving customers floor plans and elevations – all Building Regs compliant.
  7. Better still; show them amazing 3D models. Internal views; what the kitchen could look like. What the extension will look like from inside depending on the position of the sun. The new build in-situ in a photo of the existing garden.
  8. You can take it still further. Customers like contracts. It protects them (and you). Tell them when you quote that you always issue one. It could be a win-win.
  9. They also like to know that health and safety has been taken care of. The larger the project the twitchier the homeowner will be. Yes, they’d expect you to be Covid-secure if that’s still a thing in the future. But being shown a previous project’s health and safety file could clinch the project.
  10. Give in to a bit of learning time. It needn’t be boring or difficult. Choose HBXL Building Software and we’ll help you get to where you want to be in a matter of weeks.

Do this and you’ll be ready for anything. You’ll have a business fit for the future. Not just surviving but thriving. So take action now to get ahead and put your business head and shoulders above your competition.

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