Construction estimating software for 2023

Construction estimating software can give your business a huge boost. In this article I’ll be running through the software itself and the other key factors that can help secure a sustainable future for your business in 2023. People talk about the ‘survival of the fittest’ and while that may seem dramatic, any building firm wanting to do well (and not just get by) in the coming months has got to bring their A Game.

According to the CBI, the UK’s largest business group, the UK will fall into a year-long recession in 2023.  The group forecasts that the UK’s overall outlook would improve in 2024. But hey, you’ve got to get through 2023 first!

So that’s the media-fuelled doom and gloom. There’s nothing you can do about the UK economy but you are in control of your own personal economy. Let’s take a look at the three points.

1. Construction Estimating Software – a must

You’re in business to make a living. Hopefully a good living.  The work you do on site doesn’t make you money on its own. It all stems from the quote you present and the costs you put into it. Every job must cover ALL your costs – accurately calculated materials, labour and plant. But then there’s wear and tear, wastage, every single overhead and inflation. They’ve all got to be included too.

Plus your profit margin. You need to have enough money in the job for expansion, marketing, rainy days and so on. There should be sufficient funds for you to be able to add to your pension pot. A vague 10% to cover your overheads and a few quid on top isn’t going to get you very far.

EstimatorXpress does virtually all of the leg work for you. The accuracy is taken care of. The quantities are sorted. Labour hours are nailed. The material prices are kept up to date. It does the wastage and wear and tear calculations for you. We explain more here.

It’s not a case of ‘will you get construction estimating software?’ it’s ‘when’. No building firm in 2023 can be without it. And the sooner the software’s in your toolkit the better placed you’ll be:

1) Your quoting will be accurate – you’ll also be able to analyse how you’re doing. There’s a well known saying, ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it’. The software automatically gives you reports to help you analyse and assess the success of your projects.

2) The estimating process will be so much faster – giving you time to work on other areas of your business – or enjoy the evening/weekend off!

3) You’ll appeal to a particular level of homeowner, one who recognises that a professional-looking and comprehensive quote suggests a professional-performing building firm.

As Safet, one of our customers put it in his Trustpilot review:

“HBXL has been nothing short of excellent for us and has helped our company quote for some large projects producing some precision quotes using the EstimatorXpress.”

2. Think bigger – not smaller

In recessionary times the last thing you want to do is stand still or worse, go backwards. I’m now treading on the toes of our Business Coach Simon Lazarus of The Better Business Group (BBG). (You can chat to Simon, free, via our TEAM HBXL Coaching Programme). Simon has worked with thousands of building firms and homeowners, and anything he doesn’t know on this subject isn’t worth knowing.

BBG provide a mentoring and leads service to building firms. A number of Simon’s clients are pressing for more leads. And that’s because jobs are being cancelled or postponed, and fewer new projects are up for grabs.

So what do you do? Well this is what Simon has to say:

“Even in a downturn there is always profitable work around for good builders so now, more than ever before don’t be complacent.  Step up and be the best you can be. If things do toughen up then ‘business as usual’ won’t see you through.

If you make changes now and the marketplace stays good then you will have a much more profitable future. Resist the temptation to keep the diary full at any cost – stop going after the low paid work.

Understand your market place, competitors and why you are truly winning or losing jobs. Look at the whole of the market, not just your immediate bubble and circle of recommendations. Be prepared to put 110% effort into going after the work.”

Watch his recent video chat for the full picture >>

When Simon talks about being ‘the best you can be’ he’s talking about a professional approach, good customer service, excellent presentation. Look at how you promote yourself – your social media, your website. Do everything you can to appeal to those homeowners embarking on larger extensions – the profitable jobs. Take yourself out of your comfort zone.

3. Be more productive – not more busy

Busy isn’t necessarily productive. You might think you’re doing OK because you’re working all hours but when the accountant presents the figures at the end of the year you could be disappointed.

Time is money. Everyone and every thing need to be in the right place at the right time. From knowing the day you’re laying foundations to when the next bill needs to be paid, project management is key. EstimatorXpress takes the details of the estimates and automatically feeds it into a set of reports. The software’s Build Programme (Gantt chart) gives you a starting point and then makes it easy to change things as you go – one move results in a cascading effect – saving you time and stress.

The cash flow analysis report helps you plan your income and expenditure. The Materials Schedule makes it easier to order materials in one hit rather than every other day.

It’s all about working smarter not harder.

What next?

If you don’t want to just ‘get through’ 2023, then let’s talk. We can’t promise to fix every issue your building firm will face but you’d be amazed about how much easier life – and more profitable – can be with our software embedded in your business.

Call us on 0117 916 7898, book an online demonstration, or download your free 14-day trial now.