Building Contracts….

Take a look at a range of building contracts examples that are quickly and easily produced using ContractsXpert from HBXL Building Software. Never be in doubt about payment and know exactly where you stand with straightforward building contracts. Below you can find a typical building contract for Small works, Subcontract, Notice of the rights to cancel form, Cancellation form and Change of works form. These are just some of the money and hassle saving documents ContractsXpert can produce for your building company within minutes. Give us a call on 0117 9167898 to find out more.

Building contracts examples - small works contract

Small works building contract

Produce small works contracts for both consumer and business clients.

Building contracts examples -subcontract


Subcontract Building contracts are required when working with any subcontractors and are easily produced with ContractsXpert.

Start work now form

Start work now forms should be displayed clearly  in the contract document or accompanying terms and conditions if a customer wants you to go ahead before the cooling off period ends.

Building contracts examples - notice of the right to cancel

Notice of the Right to Cancel

Providing a Notice of the Right to Cancel form ensures you are complying with the Door Step Selling Regulations.

Building contracts example - cancellation form

Cancellation Form

Comply with the law by providing a Cancellation form for the client to used with the Notice of Right to Cancel form in the case that they do not want to proceed with the building work.

Building contracts examples - order to change of works

Change of Works Form

Manage your projects easily and track any agreed changes in your contracts. Throughout the  project progression to prevent any awkward confusion when the customer receives the invoice.