Automated Gantt Chart and new Rounding tool – new EstimatorXpress 2020 update

EstimatorXpress 2020 has had more new features added to it and Jim the HBXL Technical Director explains two of them in the webinar recording here.

The EstimatorXpress 2020 Gantt Chart has just got really clever.  And that’s because the development team has super-charged the Build Programme tool, as it’s also called. This advanced version uses your estimated labour and sub-contractor data to construct your Build Program – giving you a fully populated, editable Gantt chart with all the relevant information.

There are also optional new Covid-19 profiles you can apply to your Gantt charts, which in simple terms keeps inside trades such as plumbing and electrics 1st fix trades separate, and similarly keeping joinery, electrics and plumbing 2nd fixes separate too. On a larger job such as a 5 bed house this could add up to 19 days to the build programme. Of course you can manually override these profiles as you see fit.

He also explains how to use the brand new Rounding Tool. Now you can take your estimated quantities and round to whole units once your estimate is complete. This will make ordering much easier. Jim gives you some examples of how to use it in the webinar.

And the latest update has a new Covid-19 Calculator as well. This new calculator covers four key aspects – PPE, hygiene equipment, signage, plus extra Labour/Sub-contractors e.g. cleaners and extra management. And it’s there to make sure you include the costs you incur on your customer’s project. You can’t fund it all! Read more about it here.

How do you get your own advanced Gantt Chart and Rounding tool?

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