What to quote when you estimate construction projects – the full amount!

HBXL is on a mission to help builders charge their worth – in other words – to quote the full amount on all your construction projects. Sounds obvious, and maybe you think you do – and maybe you actually do! But we’re going to double-check your thinking as part of HBXL Operation: Stop Undercharging! If you want in – read on!

We’re going to show you how to win jobs at the right price and make a profit – avoiding costly mistakes along the way – whilst getting a better work-life balance in the process.  Yes you can have it all!

Here we go!

First watch ‘Why you’re under-charging and how to change’, episode 5 of our podcast ‘Running a small building firm’, recorded especially for this important campaign. Joanna, HBXL’s MD, chats to Simon Lazarus, MD of the Better Business Group, the building firm mentors. By the end you’ll be thinking ‘why didn’t I do this sooner!’.

Next book a free coaching session with Simon

Simon and the team at the Better Business Group (BBG), long-standing partners of HBXL,  speak to customers of building firms every day. They’ve surveyed thousands of homeowners to find out why they chose one building firm over another. And you can benefit from this useful intelligence. They help builders break out of the vicious cycle of quoting lower. As a builder said after watching a previous video, “I believed I was the only one going through this. Thank you for the insight.” Discover more by talking either to the HBXL team on 0117 916 7898, directly with BBG on 01707 859900 or book a free coaching session here.

Then start using ContractsXpert free with our compliments

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EstimatorXpress and ContractsXpert have a valuable part to play

How on earth do you account for all the material costs, the hours of labour, plant hire, wear and tear and wastage?  No wonder so many builders end up taking an educated guess. Well that’s the very reason EstimatorXpress was invented. It has in-built calculators that already know all the components of every stage of the job. Life’s too short to do it manually! And then there’s ContractsXpert. Put the contract in front of the customer and there’s no confusion over who’s doing what when. It’ll take you two minutes to set it up in the software.

And bear this in mind…

The customer owes you – not the other way round

Why should homeowners pay below the full price of carrying out an extension, renovation or loft conversion?

  • Why should you carry some or any of the material, labour and plant costs?
  • Why shouldn’t you allow a percentage of the cost for van insurance, public liability insurance, rent, mobile phone etc?
  • Why shouldn’t you ensure a long-term future with a financial buffer for problems, pension plan payments, expansion…?

Without those costs factored in, there won’t be anyone left in the trade to create that dream top floor master bedroom with en-suite, that envy-inducing open plan kitchen and diner? Those much-needed extra kids bedrooms.

Think of your future…

This isn’t about taking advantage of the customer – we’re just calling for fair pricing. We’re not suggesting you down tools and go on strike either. We’re simply saying it is time, if not crucial, for you to charge for every last nail and tube of mastic, the wear and tear on your kit, the customer’s share of the insurance premiums, van loan etc., etc., in order for you to provide a high quality service to the best of your ability – whilst running a viable building firm. After all, they need you to still be in business in five years’ time to do the next job!

The way to win work and quote construction projects at the right price

It is NOT the time to discount your work even – no – especially – in difficult economic times. Leave that to other building firms. Those winning jobs at knockdown prices won’t survive long term. It can’t be sustained. You, on the other hand, are in it for the long haul. Quote the right price for your construction projects. You want to win work fair and square and produce first class jobs for customers who recognise that quality comes at a price. Not under-priced. Not over-priced. The right price.

It’s not going to happen overnight. It will mean letting some jobs go. And waiting for the right job to come along. It will mean work on your part – questioning your mindset, reviewing your marketing, rethinking your presentation (and more).  And we’ve got more advice and tips on this to come.

What next?

Call us on 0117 916 7898, have a quick demo of EstimatorXpress and ContractsXpert or download a free 14-day trial. We’re here to help you make the money you deserve.