Read some of the PlansXpress CAD software reviews to see why so many builders use it

CAD software reviews PlansXpressWe could tell you about PlansXpress, the brilliant CAD software from HBXL, leading construction software for builders and developers. But sometimes its better from the horse’s mouth! At HBXL, our CAD software reviews are always gleaming with useful insight into how easy the software is to use, how builders have added another profit point to their business or how it has saved them so much time and effort. Remember, in PlansXpress you can draw your plans from scratch and do take offs from PDF, DWG, DXF, JPEG and more including one-click link to EstimatorXpress for instant quotes right from your plans! To help you make your decision about the highly rated CAD software for builders, we have shared with you what our users had to say…


CAD software reviewCAD software reviews

“Using PlansXpress means we can now draw up a plan, including a three-dimensional picture, and present it to the client alongside a fully costed estimate. This firstly helps build the relationship with the client. To present architect quality drawings and 3D visuals demonstrates that we know what we’re doing. It has also allowed us to help customers with their planning applications which we are now doing more and more of. Because we can assist them in this way has resulted in an improved success rate in terms of the number of jobs we go for. The beauty of PlansXpress is that it is so easy to use, even for someone as IT illiterate as me! It’s perfectly made for the build sector.” To read the rest of Tony’s CAD software review click here.

Tony James, Syston Construction

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CAD software reviews“We have used PlansXpress to draw up designs for several house extensions, one a straightforward kitchen and the other a more complex kitchen, dining room and first floor extension. We then run the agreed plans through EstimatorXpress to come up with accurate costings.” To read the rest of Adrian’s CAD software review click here.

Adrian Helyar, Adrian Helyar Builders, Yeovil, Somerset


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CAD software reviews

“The beauty of PlansXpress is the ease at which it allows the user to produce architect quality drawings and plans. It means that from scratch I can survey and complete a full set of drawings for a three-bedroom semi-detached house in fewer than 10 hours. In the past, this would have taken considerably longer but the software has changed all that. It is also more accurate and means nothing is missed. This efficiency means we can get through more work which is good for business.” To read the rest of Simon’s CAD software review click here.

Simon Ashworth, IHD Architectural Services