You’re busy. We get it.

So let’s not beat about the bush. You want less hassle. You want more, better work. You want to be profitable. You want more free time. You want to meet your health and safety obligations. And actually get paid on time.

You haven’t got time for this

You haven’t got time to read these five paragraphs let alone watch a demonstration of our software. Truth is, you have to. If you want all the above and want to be the best – you have to spend time with the best! But we promise to keep it short.

It’s all smoke and mirrors

Not round our place. In return for your precious time we’ll tell you like it is. One of our non-techies will take you through the software of your choice over the internet – EstimatorXpress, PlansXpress, Health & Safety Xpert, ContractsXpert or ProjectXpert – or in combination.

You’ll need more than 5 minutes to learn the software

If that’s no good we’ll say goodbye and point you in the direction of a basic app. That said, you’ll get the hang of the Health & Safety, Contract and Project Management tools in no time. Of course, your first estimate or first plan drawing might require some patience, a chat with a friendly Support team member or a gander at a ‘How-to’ video. After that, it’ll be a breeze!

Time to kick a**e

Join the thousands of building firms across the UK already using our powerful no-nonsense software tools. Have a chat on 0117 916 7898, or go straight to the demonstration booking page here and set up your ‘real world’ live tour.