Solar Panel systems are an easy money-maker for building firms

Watch the video chat (below) Jo had with Richard from Comera Energy our new solar panel partners, and discover here how your residential building firm could win from working together.

Want to earn some extra money with little input?

Make decent additional profit with a product that you don’t have to install yourself!

Want to go the extra mile for prospective customers and provide a USP compared to your competitors?

Giving homeowners an idea that they might not considered and showing them that you’re keen to save them money, counts for a lot in a competitive market.

…Whilst increasing your eco-credentials?

Add a new string to your bow and enhance your sustainability credentials, with an eco-friendly solution – solar panels or Solar PV (photovoltaic) systems to give the full title. ‘Premium-ise’ your service – customers do pay more for green!

Be on trend, in tune with current thinking…

You get the idea! Climate change has taken centre stage. Homeowners are adopting more and more smart technology. They’re thinking electric vehicle charging, battery back-up… be there ready and waiting.

The benefits of solar panels

Solar is a green and clean technology. The renewable energy doesn’t release any damaging carbon dioxide to the environment. It’s an attractive long-term investment for the homeowner because after the upfront installation fee, free sunlight will ultimately reduce electricity bills. They have a lifetime of up to 25 years and a payback period of between 10-13 years depending on the system chosen. And from the installation perspective, it’s a case of ‘fit and forget’. Generally residential panels don’t require cleaning or maintaining, other than a check on the inverter every five years or so.

Where does HBXL Building Software come in?

EstimatorXpress, our award-winning estimating software, comes with a range of optional bonus packs to give our software users as many priced materials resources as possible. ‘Solar Panels’ is the latest one, produced in conjunction with our new partners Comera Energy.

Solar Panels from Comera Energy

HBXL Power Hour with Comera Energy

Take a look at Jo’s Power Hour video chat with Richard from Comera Energy to learn more about Solar PV and how it can help your business to adapt and thrive.

And all you have to do…

  1. If you don’t already have EstimatorXpress, then either subscribe to the software tool or buy it outright, not just for solar panels of course, but for all these many, many time-saving, and profit-making reasons. Just for reference, more Bonus Packs are on their way, including Electric Vehicle and Battery Storage.
  2. Then add the Solar Panels Bonus Pack to your software toolkit. It’s £99+VAT and requires EstimatorXpress.
  3. On the next appropriate project, find out the direction the roof is facing, whether there’s any overshadowing (a tree, tall building etc), plus the size of the roof and its pitch.
  4. Key this information into the relevant fields in the HBXL software, and choose one of the ten systems available from budget through to ‘in-roof’ solutions, perfect for new builds. (Comera Energy would be happy to advise at any point in the process).
  5. The software will tot up the cost based on the information provided, including the yield value – that’s the amount of electrical energy that the solar panels will generate over a 12-month period, usually measured in kWh and the cost savings per year the homeowner is likely to see from their electricity bill.
  6. Add in your mark-up.
  7. Then you can either provide the cost of the solar panels within your main quote, or as an additional item for the homeowner to consider.

What will Comera Energy do?

Comera Energy’s team of experts will do everything apart from liaise with the homeowner, which is rightly your domain. They’ll do the design, analysis, installation, certification and warranty, and advise you throughout. They will happily help you better understand the technology, commercially and technically, so that you can discuss the project with confidence.

Why did we choose Comera Energy as our partners?

Comera Energy has over 10 years’ experience of working with Solar PV systems for residential and commercial clients. The company’s expert installers and electricians provide cost-effective, sustainable energy solutions, handling the process from design to installation. They only use high quality ‘Tier 1’ panels, inverters and mounting systems, which are guaranteed by product and performance warranties. Importantly, they’re not tied to any specific panel provider so always recommend the right panel for the job. And they’re a great bunch!

So how about the next loft conversion opportunity?

Why not suggest a separate quote for solar panels the next time you quote on a loft conversion. Or the next extension. And it needn’t be a two-storey one – single storey extensions can also have solar panels, as can outbuildings with electrical power. Of course a new build is perfect for green and clean technology.

What next?

We are keen to tell you more about Comera Energy. Please fill out the form below and the team will be in contact soon. If you would like to call Comera Energy, their number is 0117 971 8121 or email them: The team is all set and ready to chat, despite the challenging times we find ourselves in currently.