How to quote with confidence and win profitable building work

When it comes to producing a building quote for a profitable win…

  • Do you quote for building projects in the sure and absolute knowledge that your pricing is fair and accurate? They can take it or leave it.
  • Do you feel comfortable that the profit margin you set is reasonable for the quality and professionalism the customer benefits from?
  • Do you make it a rule to go after customers who recognise the value of good building work? Customers who understand the price attached to a high standard?
  • Does it work? Do you win decent, profitable work more often than not?
  • And when it doesn’t do you hold out until the next job ticks all the boxes – rather than break your rule just to keep everyone busy?

If your answer is yes in all cases – then all you need is the complete HBXL software suite to support your professional approach and you’re away!

But if you’re finding it hard to stay true and charge a job’s worth because a) you fear that competitors are charging less than you or b) that the customer won’t swallow your prices (or both) then we’ve a few tips.

To quote successfully on profitable building jobs requires a few steps

To compete with other building firms for the ‘right fit’ type customers try and make sure all of the following is happening:

  • The faster you quote, the more jobs you can go after, and the odds of winning get better.
  • The better looking your quote – professional appearance – the more likely you are to make it on the shortlist of the decent projects.
  • The more detail in your quote, with everything covered, the more likely you are to win the work.
  • The more accuracy in your quote the greater your chance of actually making the profit you identified at the outset.

And if that sounds too much like hard work we can help!

Luckily you don’t put all the leg work into creating the accurate smart-looking quotes when you use our software. EstimatorXpress, our award-winning estimating software tool handles all the detail. You get the easy bit, because we’ve designed all our construction software for builders not IT professionals.

  • You’ll receive simple instructions and visual prompts.
  • You just punch the dimensions into your chosen template.
  • Select some preferences on materials etc.
  • And leave the software to crunch the numbers.
  • At the press of a button, EstimatorXpress will give you an estimate, quotation, covering letter, and all the reports to see you through the job itself.

What’s not to like!? There are a number of versions of the software to suit your business and pocket. The sales team can explain.

So what next?

  • Arrange an online demonstration.
  • Click here to select the day you’d like your demonstration.
  • We’ll then agree the best time with you.
  • It will take around an hour for one of the team to give you a tour without a single ‘tech’ word passing their lips.
  • You just need a computer, speakers/headphones and an internet connection.

This year it couldn’t be more important to be on the front foot. If you don’t do anything different – nothing different will happen. So let us help you get on the shortlist, and better still win the work. Call us on 0117 916 7898, email, write a few words on the online ‘chat’ in the corner of your screen, or book your online demonstration.

Like the idea of drawing your own projects too?

Read about our Design & Estimate Kit which combines PlansXpress with EstimatorXpress – to give you an automatic quote from your drawing.