Automatic professional quotations direct from your estimate

EstimatorXpress automatically writes up an impressive quote in Microsoft ®Word directly from the job you've just estimated without you having to type a thing.


Show as much or as little detail as you'd like

Our automatic professional quotations allow you to show as much or as little detail as you want straight from the estimate – with no additional typing!

You can opt to include pictures in your quotation or switch them off.


Just add your company logo

You can add in your company logo to EstimatorXpress and edit the standard text in the quotation so that it reflects what you want it to say and save it to the software.

EstimatorXpress quotes are genuinely proven to boost your win rate by 230% and give your customers more confidence in you and your business.


And don’t forget your T&C’s…

You can also add your standard Terms & Conditions to EstimatorXpress. It then remembers your quotation wording for all future jobs for even more time saving!