Latest health and safety software for builders now available

The latest version of HBXL’s health and safety software is now out.

Health & Safety Xpert 2015 is now helping small to medium-sized building firms across the UK get to grips with the latest rules and regulations on all things related to site health and safety.

With the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) maintaining its Fee For Intervention initiative – accounting for £17 million worth of fines to date – and the launch of the new Construction Design Management (CDM) 2015 regulations, anyone needing to stay on the right side of the law are being advised to take a look at this latest version of the software.

HBXL Sales & Marketing Director Joanna Mulgrew said the latest version of the software is ideal to ensure safety on site.

She said: “Anyone working on any building site should look out for hazards and take time to control the risks as best they can and includes self-builders and professionals. Health & Safety Xpert 2015 goes a long way to help manage such risks and reduce the number of accidents.

“Of particular interest for self-builders is that the new CDM 2015 regulations cover everyone involved with a construction project. That includes self-builders who are classified as ‘domestic clients’.”

“A domestic client is classified as someone who has construction work carried out on their own home, or the home of a family member. This includes self-build projects where perhaps someone is having their home built by a main contractor, design and build  firm or being project managed by a third party.

“Basically the self-builder has to ensure suitable arrangements for managing the health and safety of a project are in place and that it is maintained and reviewed for its duration.  They should also allow sufficient time and resources for all stages of the project and they must fund any health and safety requirements such as scaffolding or safety fencing.”

But before all self-builders mothball their project under what seems like a minefield of health and safety rules, they will be pleased to know that as a domestic client their responsibilities under CDM 2015 pass to other duty holders.

This will be either the Contractor (builder), a contractor as principal contractor or a designer with control over the pre-construction phase as principal designer (* see below).

Joanna added: “Our software helps ensure everyone complies with all required regulations. There is virtually no typing required saving huge amounts of time that would otherwise be spent sorting out the paperwork.

“No one wants project delays due to site closures from poor health & safety practices on site so making the most of software packages like Health & Safety Xpert 2015 will enable builders keep pace with ever stricter compliance requirements.

“It quickly guides them through the crucial paper work that’s required under current UK law. It’s infinitely cheaper than a fine and more importantly helps prevent those working on site getting injured.”

Adding to its comprehensive library of forms and paperwork, the latest version of the software includes updated guidance to CDM 2015 which explains the basics of what you need to know about your Health & Safety responsibilities.

All documents to cover off CDM 2015 changes have been updated including company H&S policy, Pre Construction Info, Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan, inspections, audits and risk assessments.

It also produces Method Statement and Construction Phase Health & Safety Plans templates.