What would you have to do to beat your competitors to the best, most profitable building projects – the ‘decent’ extensions, loft conversions, or new builds? Sizeable jobs that you can get your teeth into; ones with decent profit-making potential?

Not as much as you’d think. A few tips.

  • The faster you quote, the more jobs you can go after, and the odds of winning get better.
  • The better looking your quote – professional appearance – the more likely you are to make it on the shortlist of the decent projects.
  • The more detail in your quote, with everything covered, the more likely you are to win the work.
  • The more accuracy in your quote the greater your chance of actually making the profit you earmarked at the outset.

But… you really don’t have time to think about a new way of working do you? You’re stacked out at the moment. Job’s booked in last year are either ongoing or still to start. It’ll have to wait.

Wrong! There’ll never be a good time.

And if there is it could be too late. That’s why we’re making it as easy as we can to help you start doing all of the above almost instantly.

You see it’s not you who creates the accurate smart-looking quotes in a next to no time. It’s EstimatorXpress, our award-winning estimating software tool doing all the hard work.

What you need to do is straightforward, and that’s because we designed the software suite for builders not IT professionals. So you can expect simple instructions and visual prompts. You just punch the dimensions into your chosen template, select some preferences on materials etc., and leave the software to crunch the numbers.

At the press of a button, your dutiful software will reward you with an estimate, quotation, covering letter, and all the reports to see you through the job itself – when you go on to win it of course!

Follow these four steps to a better future – cheesy but true.

  1. Commit to an online demonstration. Click here to select the day you’d like your demonstration. We’ll then agree the best time with you.
  2. It will take around an hour for one of the team to give you a tour without a single ‘tech’ word passing their lips. You just need a computer, speakers/headphones and an internet connection.
  3. Next you could go on to trial the software for 14-days – no cost and no obligation. You could by-pass the demo and go straight to the trial but we would recommend a chat first. In fact many customers went from demo to buy or subscribe.
  4. Sold? Then either buy outright or subscribe with support when you need it. We’re a (UK) phone call away 9-5 Mon-Fri, there’s online chat, bitesize help videos… There’s even a free Software Skills course if you fancy it.

That’s it. What’s not to like?

EstimatorXpress is the brainchild of an experienced builder turned property developer who wanted to make life easier for builders. And now thousands of construction firms up and down the UK use our software tools – with new features regularly added at no extra cost to users with in-date subscriptions.

In 2021, it’s never been more important to be on the front foot. If you don’t do anything different – nothing different will happen.

So let us help you get on the shortlist, and better still win the work.

Call us on 0117 916 7898, email hello@hbxl.co.uk, write a few words on the ‘chat’ just in the corner here, or do that online demonstration click through, here.

Like the idea of drawing your own projects too?

Read about our Design & Estimate Kit which combines PlansXpress with EstimatorXpress – to give you an automatic quote from your drawing.

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