Health and safety stress buster

Builders stressing about their health and safety responsibilities and making sure they get it right can address the situation by using tools designed to produce all the required paperwork in a matter of minutes.

Joanna Mulgrew, product director at HBXL believes too many SME owners worry unnecessarily about their health and safety obligations, especially the paperwork, and get all wound up after what for many has already been a long and stressful day.

With the HSE turning the screw on unscrupulous builders who flout their health and safety obligations, Joanna says the need to have all the right paperwork in place has never been more important but solutions are at hand to help ease the pressure.

“We all lead busy lives but when you’re responsible for the health and well-being of people on site as well as the general public can lead to those in charge worrying about covering all bases as well as an unexpected visit from the HSE.

“For these reasons alone, it’s imperative builders have in place all the correct paperwork.

“All businesses have a duty of care to keep their employees and the public safe as well as legal requirements to undertake certain paperwork.

health-and-safety-stress-buster-pencil“Non-compliance can attract massive fines as well as facing site shut down, criminal prosecutions and in some cases prison sentences if you are proved to be negligible. Firms can also be found guilty without there having been an actual accident.

“It’s ironic that there is a HSE initiative to reduce work related stress but many builders get stressed out from the worry about their H&S obligations!

“But making sure builders have got all the right paperwork in place is a much simpler and quicker task than a lot of them think.

“Using HBXL’s handy ‘safety kit’ builders can produce all H&S paperwork in a matter of minutes not only relieving the stress of having to get it together in the first place but allowing the builder to relax in the evening knowing everything is covered for the next day’s work.

“Powered by the impressive Health & Safety Xpert software, it provides all health and safety paperwork relevant to the job in hand. Right up to speed on the latest rules and guidelines it has been developed in partnership with leading health and safety professionals.

“It saves builders huge amounts of time and worry, quickly guiding them through the crucial paper work that’s required under current UK law, including the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974 and Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulations.

“All builders have to is tell the software what sort of job they are working on. It then produces in a matter of minutes all the required paperwork that will satisfy the most ardent health and safety officer.

“It means less time spent stressing about what sort of paperwork they need and getting it all together. It’s the perfect riposte to beleaguered builders wanting to make sure they have all bases covered.

“What Health & Safety Xpert does is simplify the process of producing the right documents. It will ensure builders comply with the law and most importantly it helps provide protection to employees and the public.

“With HSE maintaining a high profile push on all things related to health and safety, using Health & Safety Xpert goes a long way to make sure builders are up to date with the latest regulations.”

See how to end the stress with a Health & Safety Xpert free trial

We’re confident that when you try Health & Safety Xpert you’ll realize the benefit of a software solution and see how health and safety software will reduce your stress levels. Follow the link below to get a 30 day free trial along with any support you need and a complimentary live 1-2-1 demo.