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Want a free Method Statement template designed specifically for UK builders and developers? All it takes is a second. Fill in a couple of details below and we’ll send over your method statement by email, instantly. Even better than that, you could produce all your health and safety documents in a matter of minutes and with no almost no typing required! Furthermore, Health & Safety Xpert will produce automatically select the required H&S documents based on your job specification. If this sounds better than manually filling it in each time then give us a call on 0117 9167898. However, if you just want the free Method Statement for now, then jot your information in below.

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As mentioned, Health & Safety Xpert can help you produce all the required health and safety documents for building projects. That includes Method Statements -as described, Risk AssessmentsConstruction-Method-Statement-template,
COSHH Assessments, Pre-Construction Information, Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans, Health and Safety Files, Company Health and Safety Policies and much more.

Moreover, the software is incredibly easy to use as it is designed by builders, for builders. Simple, step by step processes walk you through your essential docs such as Method Statements. Health & Safety Xpert will automatically produce the docs required and start filling them in for you based on your spec and saved details! Plus, this process is even quicker and easier when combined with the other HBXL Building Software range. Thus, all the software integrates to save builders even more time, money and effort. Projects are run more efficiently, safely and are proven to return a higher profit. Learn about how HBXL Software integrates here or give us a call on 0117 9167898 for a free demo and trial.