ContractsXpert 2016 out now

Introducing: ContractsXpert 2016

ContractsXpert 2016 is a totally new software programme. Create watertight contracts to protect both you and your client and know exactly where you stand before you start a job.   Choose when you get paid, have all your documents ready to go and even an introductory letter to explain the finer points – all produced in minutes!

Consumer organisations are actively discouraging clients from choosing builders who don’t supply a contract –make yourself more likely to win work with our new software.

New features

Contracts: As requested our contracts are now no longer FMB maintained and instead the contracts are provided by a leading construction lawyer. Choose from a Small Works Business-to-Business or Consumer contract or a Subcontract Contract.

Payment: Eliminate those awkward conversations about money. Choose how you want to be paid – whether by Build Phase, milestone or every x days – and it will be incorporated straight into your contract.

Introductory letter: As well as your contract an introductory letter will be generated automatically, detailing the finer points in Plain English so you can run through the contract with your customer easily.

Additional documents: Everything you need to comply with Doorstep Selling Regulations will also be produced. It’s against the law to not provide your customer with a ‘Right to Cancel’ notice – the software will give you this as well as a ‘Start Work Now’ form, ‘Changing Work’ form and a Cancellation form.

Time: And all this can be completed in just five minutes end-to-end!

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