The sub-contractors contract

The sub-contractors contract is designed to secure the legal rights of builders who sub-contract some of their work to another company. For example, if the builder is doing a loft conversion and his company cannot install windows, then he will sub-contract that particular part of the work to windows installers. It then becomes his responsibility regarding pay and workmanship. Therefore, he should sign a sub-contractors contract with the window company - unless of course the client chooses otherwise and appoints their own window installer.

The contract outlines:

• the subcontractor’s responsibilities
• the contractor’s responsibilities
• access to site details
• interest owing for late payments to subbies
• when the work will start
• details of any payments withheld (stage payments are used to pay the subbie)
• details of the supply of materials for the project - who is supplying and of what quality
• insurance and who has what
• who has what liabilities
• who has what responsibilities for H&S
• defects
• liability periods
• what happens if there are disputes - and so on.