Looking for construction take-off software?

Look no further, you’ve found the construction take-off software package that you have been waiting for with our Take-off & Estimate Kit.

First you take-off the building plan. Designed for builders, it’s a straightforward construction take-off software package that unlike other software doesn’t require CAD knowledge. Simply scan or import files (PDF, JPEG, DXF or DWG files) to trace over. Use intuitive drag and drop tools to place walls, doors, windows, roofs and the rest of the building.  Punch in dimensions for footings, walls, roofs and anything else required alongside clear diagrams.

Once you have your plan, you can then import into EstimatorXpress, a process that takes less than two minutes but will save you hours. Using the dimensions from your drawings, EstimatorXpress will then calculate a 100% accurate estimate for your materials not to mention labour, plant and wastage plus tonnes of reports and charts to help you with your build such as cashflow, material order schedule and the list goes on. No chance of forgetting anything or miscalculating which means no cutting into your profit. EstimatorXpress is also uniquely connected to latest prices for increased accuracy.

That’s the Take-off & Estimate Kit – everything you need to take-off your plans with a few clicks of a mouse, and it’s dead easy too! Why not get a free trial today?