Don’t know what health and safety documents you need or when to use them?

Are you a building firm struggling to make sense of the hundreds of health and safety documents required on site – and at what point you should use them? Do you want to manage your health and safety better?

Do you wish there was some simple software that sorted it all out for you?

Well now there is. And it couldn’t be easier.

Health & Safety Xpert Premium is a real game-changer for the residential construction industry. Now, for the first time, you can easily plan and safely manage your projects without wading through loads of paperwork or paying for a consultant.

  • You tell the software what you’re building, answering a few questions and choosing a few options.
  • The software takes a look at the job and works out what policies, risk assessments, COSHH assessments etc. you need (including all your Covid-19 secure documents), not just for the HSE Inspector but, to keep everyone safe.
  • Then it sorts all the documents in order, displaying them in the way you like to work.

You can read up on Health & Safety Xpert in more detail, and check out videos and sample documents, here.

So how do you work? Are you a Gantt Chart, Timetable or ‘Plan, Do, Act, Check’ kind of builder?

After Health & Safety Xpert Premium has identified the relevant documents (ie it won’t select an excavation Risk Assessment if it can see the project doesn’t require excavation) – it files the documents by your preferred method – you have a choice of four. Screen shots of the four different views are further down the page.

1) Gantt View

The documents are mapped to the right build phase so you know exactly when you need everything.

2) Construction Stages View

Each document by day zero / pre construction / construction / completion

3) HSG65 Table and 4) HSG65 List View

Two different ways of viewing each document according to the HSG65 Plan, Do, Check, Act framework developed by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

And in more detail…

Gantt View

Select the Gantt chart view in the software and all your documents will be instantly mapped to the right stage so you know exactly when you need everything. Share with your team, so everyone’s on the same page.

Buy or subscribe to our estimating software EstimatorXpress and you can import your EstimatorXpress job and its timeline. And all the documents will be instantly mapped in Health & Safety Xpert Premium’s Gantt chart.

Construction Stages View

The timetable option. So on the day you win the job you can see what documents you need immediately. Then in the pre-construction phase, you’ll have the next batch of documents. Then what you need to observe during the build stage itself. Then on completion, you have your final documents for reviewing. You’ve never been so organised!

HSG65 Table or List View

You may be someone who already adopts the HSE’s HSG65 ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ framework or you may be thinking, what the…?

Our Premium tool is all about actively managing your health and safety. That’s why the HSE’s own management framework works well with our software. Adopt the system and you’ll impress customers and investors, not to mention the Health & Safety Inspector! So you might want to think about getting on board? We’ve lots more information on HSG65 including a handy infographic here.

And you can choose either the HSG65 Table view

…or the HSG65 List view. It achieves the same purpose as the Table view but in a cascading list form and a helpful preview of each document.

What next?

So if you want to feel confident that you have everything to hand, when you need it, take a closer look at Health & Safety Xpert Premium. Book a short online demonstration (we’ve increased the number of slots available) or trial the software for 14-days here.

To have the active management feature available in Health & Safety Premium you can buy or subscribe. The RRP is £599+VAT on Annual Subscription or £1,499+VAT for a lifetime licence.

Give the HBXL team a call on 0117 916 7898, they’d love to tell you more.

For HBXL customers who already have the original Health & Safety Xpert version, now branded as ‘Plus’, you can still access these game-changing features by ‘upgrading’ to the new Premium product.

If you have your Support & Updates in place this costs just £199+VAT on Annual Subscription or £550+VAT for a lifetime licence. If your updates package has lapsed, give Shannyn or Joe a call on 0117 916 7892.