So you think you’re charging what you’re worth?

Well there’s a good chance you’re charging 15% LESS than you could be. Heart-sinking thought? You may imagine your price is right yet your competitors can charge more AND win the work. Take a look at the following true stories from our partners Better Business Group.

This will ensure you are charging your worth.

charging your worthThen look at the special FREE OFFER at the bottom to find out what your customers really think of you!! (It’s a limited opportunity so don’t hang around!).

A builder in Slough…

He specialised in loft conversions and insisted he couldn’t charge any more than £32,000 + VAT because of the large number of non-VAT registered cheap builders in his patch. He was doing about 20 jobs a year.

 Better Business Group started working with him on all of his enquiries, proving to his prospective customers how good he was and carrying out free credit check on his competitors.

 A year later, with their support he was able to charge £40,000 + VAT and was undertaking 25 lofts a year. He’s since taken on more teams, relocated his offices and started taking advantage of leads from Better Business Group.

A builder in Birmingham…

A disillusioned builder was thinking of quitting having reached the point where he was charging less than he was five years previously. Customers were telling him he was too expensive, but on investigation, Better Business Group discovered that the opposite was true.

 Customers found it easier to say he was too expensive than what they really felt – that he was too cheap and wouldn’t be able to do the work properly for the money he was quoting.

 At the time of writing, with the help of Better Business Group he has 10 months worth of work on the books, and is charging 28% more than he was two years ago.

Makes you think doesn’t it? You could be charging less than you need to and for all the wrong reasons.

  • Deciding to price ‘your first job’ at a reduced price for a new customer could be a false economy
  • Thinking that a referral means you need to charge the same (reduced price) is another false economy
  • Settling on a figure that you think is the ‘going rate’ is well…

We partnered with the Better Business Group because they have been working with builders for well over 20 years and they really understand the market and homeowner psyche. The team can help businesses charge 15% more – and convert more work – on average 13% more.

So what are they doing to make this a reality? Well for starters taking the speculation out of the process! They analyse your business, they speak to your customers, they investigate your competitors, and they go on to provide an ongoing mentoring service.

Free Customer Review!

What do your customers really think? Are you expensive/cheap? Professional… or not! You might be surprised by the good news (and the not so good news…).

Simply give us the name, address and postcode of six completed projects, and The Better Business Group will send them a survey questionnaire (plus a reply paid envelope for return) asking various questions about the service they received. They will then analyse the findings and come back to you with a Report. There are no strings attached, no commitments at all.

Worth finding out more? Complete the form at the bottom of the page here for more info on The Better Business Group – and tick the box if you’re interested in the FREE CUSTOMER REVIEW. It’s a limited offer so act now!

If you’ve got any questions, give the team a call on 0117 916 7898 and don’t forget a quick route to accurate estimating starts with EstimatorXpress, so why not request a free test drive.