CDM 2015 – General Notes & Duties

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 gives principal contractors, contractors and those who control the way in which construction work is carried out various specific duties including:

Safe place of work

  • Safe access and egress to places of work
  • Safe places of work with adequate space for workers
  • That people are prevented from gaining access to unsafe access or workplaces

Excavations are safe

  • Ensure that excavations do not accidentally collapse
  • Prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, a person from being buried or trapped by a fall of material
  • Support, so far as is reasonably practicable, the sides, roof or adjacent area to prevent a collapse
  • Provide suitable and sufficient equipment to support the excavation
  • Work on supports for an excavation only under competent supervision
  • Stop any person vehicle or equipment being near to an excavation where it is likely to cause collapse
  • Prevent any risk so far as is reasonably practicable, of injury from underground cables or services
  • Prevent persons, vehicle or plant, equipment or any accumulation of material falling into the excavation

Fire & other emergencies

  • Provide unobstructed, properly signed emergency routes and exits to a place of safety
  •  Set up appropriate emergency procedures with designated people
  •  Make people on site familiar with procedures and test the procedures
  •  Provide suitable signs to indicate the firefighting equipment

Welfare facilities

  • Provide sanitary and washing facilities with adequate supply of drinking water
  •  Accommodation for clothing and changing facilities
  •  Rest facilities

Traffic routes & Vehicles

  • Organized so that vehicles and people can move safely
  • Organized so there is a separation between people and vehicles, or where this is not reasonably practicable, people are protected and warning of approaching vehicles is given
  • Vehicles can only be used where routes are free of obstructions, there is sufficient room or warning has been given to the driver
  • Suitable signs should be erected

Training, Inspection and Reports

  • Construction work where training or technical knowledge is required to protect people shall only be carried out by competent people or under competent supervision
  • Where the work is part of an excavation make sure it is inspected before work and at specified intervals by a competent person
  • Reports of inspections must be produced by the competent person before the end of the working period