2015 was a big development year!

So, we’ve introduced updates, produced new editions and even partnered with one of the UK leaders of PVC-U products – Crystal Direct – to expand your catalogue of estimating and drawing tools. We’ve made sure HBXL really is keeping you head and shoulders above the competition.

Below you’ll see our major milestones in the year, on top of which we’ve had mini updates literally every single month – so you can be sure your development team is constantly dedicated to improving your software.

January 2015:

We launched PlansXpress version 4 with brand new tools, interfaces and more, focussing on speed and performance.

You can now work from existing plans using the integrated Scanpack – simply import a scanned image of the plans and use drawing tools to place your construction symbols over to create a detailed visualisation or add additional details. Swap between the original plans and the tracing to more easily work on producing a comprehensive final product.

We also worked on improving styling; you can now create a complete cross section of the building you’re working on, from top to bottom, to show the different levels and work on each individually.

PlansXpress underwent significant remodelling to give you more features than ever. We added new timber frames to show cut-through sections, and estimate cladding and improved hatching to help you produce top-quality, detailed plans.

February 2015

We launched ProjectXpert version 2 which saw a refreshed interface, updated calenders and we’ve also fixed various bugs that have been reported by you.

March 2015

EstimatorXpress benefited from some updating and some brand new estimating calculators for coping stones and downlighters as well a new group of Refurbishment calculators, updates to existing groups of calculators and finally ‘Mini Specs’.

April 7th 2015:

The Health & Safety Xpert update is bang up to date with the new HSE CDM 2015 regulations and all UK and EU laws.

Avoid those HSE fees for intervention and ensure safety on site for you and your colleagues. All documents to cover off CDM 2015 changes have been updated including company H&S policy, Pre Construction Info, Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan, inspections, audits and risk assessments. ALL projects must now have a construction phase plan and duties are separated into Contractors and Principal Designers which are covered in Health & Safety Xpert.

May 2015:

EstimatorXpress benefited from some updating and excitingly the brand new Invoice Generator Bonus Pack. You can create personalised credit notes and invoices by various percentages of each build phase, custom figures – either for part payment or the entire job to create an invoice in its entirety.

This is all editable with company logos and personal details. The information has already been created in EstimatorXpress so no extra data inputting is required. Now you can get your invoices more efficiently, just print and post or email them directly to your client!

July 2015:

EstimatorXpress 2015 was launched which saw a significant update to the software. We teamed up with Crystal Direct to bring you an extensive library of over 7,000 PVC-U products including over 3,000 windows and 1,000 doors in EstimatorXpress. To make this update truly comprehensive we updated our calculators so you can now use a Crystal Direct former instead of a dummy timber frame and cavity closer. This means you can now install your PVC-U products yourself!

October 30th:

PlansXpress now has over 7000 Crystal Direct windows, doors and cavity closers.

Additionally, PlansXpress has more drawing tools for Stone Cills, Stone Heads, Brick Arches, flat, sloping and collared ceilings. The building project tailored software is perfect for all builder types with simple but effective user tools drag and drop and easy scan and trace for new and existing plans.

Plus, using our X-Connex technology you can now take off your Crystal Direct estimates direct from plans instantly using EstimatorXpress!

November 2015:

In this update we added to our already extensive library with Stone Heads, Stone Cills and Brickwork arches and two brand new ‘Flat Roof with Rooflights’ calculators so your estimates can be more accurate than ever. Use your new pickers to detail your estimates!

EstimatorXpress is also now compatible with Windows 10 and Office 2016 AND we’ve fixed various bugs that have been reported by you.

December 2015:

This December sees the launch of a brand new ContractsXpert 2016. A completely refreshed interface with handy tooltips makes it even easier to use and two main contracts to choose from with no upper limit on the projects.

Written with a leading barrister in construction and IT law but still just as accessible and easy to understand as ever. Plus, filled with other crucial documents such as ‘Notice of the Right to Cancel’, ‘Start Work Now Form’, a ‘Changing Work Form’ and Cancellation Form for ensuring that variations do not lead to disputes. Compliant with all UK and EU, CDM 2015 and Doorstep Selling regulations, ensure peace of mind with ContractsXpert – your most valuable asset in securing you get paid for the jobs you do!

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