Working smart helps builders bag the big five

Building firms are being advised to swot up to ensure they know what their minimum obligations are when it comes to site health and safety.

That’s because no matter what size of company, the law states that all building firms have to incorporate five key practices into their day-to-day running.

This includes enforcing the company health and safety policy, carrying out risk assessments, carrying out COSHH assessments, following CDM 2007 regulations and reporting any injuries under the RIDDOR act.

Although none compliance could result in a fine or prosecution, those who worry about what looks like a minefield of rules and regulations can rest easy by making the most of tools designed specifically for them which keeps them right up to date with all things related to health and safety.

With 40 per cent of sites failing to properly protect workers following the most recent HSE inspection initiative, the need for compliance has never been more important.

This latest round if inspections also found unacceptable conditions and dangerous practices at nearly half of the 1,748 repair and refurbishment sites visited by HSE inspectors, with 1 in 5 sites so poor, formal enforcement action was required.

However, according the HSE, many of the issues found could have been easily prevented with simple, straightforward management and planning.

This need for compliance is something Joanna Mulgrew, head of product development at HBXL, is all too fully aware of and is why she advises checking out the company’s Health & Safety Xpert software.

Joanna said: “It really doesn’t have to be all that daunting. The only businesses that should be worried are those who don’t keep on top of their obligations.

“Those who work smart will save themselves an inordinate amount of time and worry.

“Very few people send a fax nowadays because it’s so easy to send documents via email and the same comparison can be made for site health and safety.

“There’s no need to pore over reams of documents just to make sure your up-to-date because Health & Safety Xpert does it all for you in a matter of seconds. You tell it what your project entails and it tells you what your obligations are. It’s that simple.

“As long as you follow the highlighted obligations, then there’s nothing to worry about. Using this software is a sure-fire way to ensure builders abide by proper health and safety law.

“If found guilty of a health and safety breach, you not only risk worker safety, but stand to lose a substantial amount of money through fines. There’s also the potential loss of earnings from site hold-ups, closures or gaining a bad reputation.

“Why risk all of that when there is a straight forward solution at your fingertips.

“Making the most of software packages like Health & Safety Xpert will enable builders to keep pace with ever stricter compliance requirements and it’s infinitely cheaper than a fine and more importantly helps prevent those working on site getting injured.”