Bradley Goodridge, Bradley Building Services Ltd.

Position: Managing Director

Company: Bradley Building Services Ltd.

Type of Work: Extensions and loft conversions

Location: London

Products Used:

  • EstimatorXpress

Bradley Goodridge tells us about his experience with EstimatorXpress, how it has led him to win more business and how HBXL’s support team helped him learn to get the most out of the software.

  1. You have been with HBXL for a year now using EstimatorXpress, how did you find the software’s usability and getting to grips with it initially? I was fortunate enough to have been shown the ropes by a member of the team on a training day in Epsom, Surrey shortly after purchasing EstimatorXpress. Initially the system seemed quite complex but after being taught the basics it didn’t take long to figure it out. It’s very user friendly and self explanatory once you get to know the fundamentals.
  1. You have used support on and off for the last year, so including your recent coffee break with John, what can you say about your experience with support so far? The support is great, always on hand to answer any question within minutes. I was really impressed when John took control of my PC remotely and updated all of my software for me. That was extremely helpful!
  1. Do you feel support has helped you get a better understanding of the software and its usage and if so, could you elaborate a bit? There have been one or two occasions where I haven’t been able to find a workbook that covers certain aspects of a contract and a quick call to support will undoubtedly result in them giving me an idea to solve the problem. For example using the closest matching workbook, playing around with the resources and adding sundry items to make changes. Or even using ‘composite items’ to create my own custom workbooks. When there’s a will, there’s a way!
  1. Have you had a chance to use our free support website and have the video tutorials helped progress your use of the software? No, that’s something I’ve been meaning to do but never seem to have the time if I’m honest!
  1. Compared to when you first started out, what level would you put yourself at now? I should probably be running your training days. 😉
  1. Do you feel that the software has helped your business grow and excel, if so any examples or details I can add? Absolutely. Using EstimatorXpress has increased the amount of quotes going out ten fold, we are more accurate with our prices which has in turn improved our bottom line and the plethora of information in the form of charts and reports gives us a clear benchmark to work to on every job.
  1. And lastly but most importantly, based on your experience with the software and the support team, would you recommend us in future? Without hesitation.