Health & Safety Xpert 2016 – update

Health & Safety Xpert 2016 (out now) is a year older and a year wiser! Our development team are always working away at ensuring all our software is making our customers lives easier, allowing them to win more work, take on more and different types of work, manage their projects together, protect their companies, save money and actually return a profit!

All of this is important to us but we are just as concerned with helping our builders stay safe on site! This is why we are continuously looking to improve our health and safety software – Health & Safety Xpert. Here is a brief rundown of all the ways in which the Health & Safety Xpert 2016 update (out now) will make the software even better than before…

First and foremost all documents produced by Health & Safety Xpert 2016 have been reviewed to be up to date with the latest regulations including updates to six Risk Assessments and two other management documents. This way our users can be sure that they are complying with all legislation simply by entering the details of their project and letting Health & Safety Xpert 2016 line up the required docs. On top of this, an additional 91 COSHH Assessments have been added.

Secondly, we have created a brand new document to help companies comply with the CDM 2015 changes that saw the introduction of the need for a construction phase health and safety plan for every, single, job!

Many have found that this requirement for a Construction Phase Plan (CPP) has caused a large increase in paperwork, especially in the maintenance industry, but with the addition of the Simple Construction Phase Plan from HBXL health and safety software work can quickly start on site. Written specifically for smaller jobs based on the HSE’s guidance (CIS80), the plan is designed to cover health and safety considerations whilst saving the user the effort of having to complete the larger CPP. The HSE advise that the Simple Construction Phase Plan is mainly for use on smaller, maintenance jobs, using the larger CPP for larger jobs – it should be proportionate to the size, scale and risks of the job.

A lot have found the changes to be confusing. This has been worsened by the lag in time taken for the HSE to produce an approved code of practice (ACOP) to support the alterations which is now available and is incorporated into Health & Safety Xpert 2016 to further help users understand their responsibilities.

Health & Safety Xpert 2016 is still the simplest and most straightforward way for builders and developers to ensure that they have everything in place to establish a safe site and avoid fees for intervention (that’s fines to you and me).

Not only have we made improvements to help users with upholding their health and safety considerations but we have also added tools to make the user experience easier including user interface improvements and a new preview function that allows you to see the document without having to open Word. Also, Health & Safety Xpert 2016 now outputs directly to PDFs, RTF and image files as well as Word documents meaning that Microsoft Word is no longer an essential requirement. There has also been a comprehensive review of Project Type mapping and Build Phase mapping and we have made improvements to the import from EstimatorXpress.

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*Note* there are new system requirements: Windows Vista (SP2), 7, 8, 8.1, 10. If you need any help setting up and have your support & updates in place please