A year in updates: see the changes to the HBXL Software range

Here at HBXL we can’t believe that another year has flown by! We’ve been busy bees here at HBXL HQ working on improving and advancing the HBXL Software suite so that we can ensure you have the best products possible to help make your building company the best it can be.


There has been countless updates to EstimatorXpress this year – one for every season! We’ve been listening to your feedback and have been working hard on creating even more workbooks then ever to refine your estimating process.

Spring Update

Just as soon as we had finished on the Winter Update of 2016, the HBXL Development were back working on our next update for the software. The Spring Update saw some interesting updates to EstimatorXpress including new workbooks for carpets, as well as ceiling replacement and gutter replacements. We also worked on an improved stripping out workbook to make the renovation process even easier!


Summer Update

The new improvements came from our Business Support Manager, working in tandem with a long time user and supporter of HBXL Lee Goodwin of Oakleafe Property Services. Lee focuses mostly on renovations and insurance work (at quite a scale of operation) so is the perfect building firm to work with on enhancements to this area of EstimatorXpress. This update saw the introduction of the Internal Property Protection Workbooks as well as Replacement Flooring Workbooks.

We also introduced the revolutionary Quick Quote Plug-in for EstimatorXpress which you to supercharge the estimating process – meaning that you can spend less time estimating and more time doing… well, whatever you bloomin’ like!

You can read more about Quick Quote here and more about the update here.

Autumn Update 

In the Autumn Update we released the shiny new workbooks which were originally for Quick Quote but were so good we wanted to share with everyone! These included a number of additional workbooks for roofing, universal flooring workbooks, as well as improved planning design costs workbooks, travel costs and plant workbooks to name but a few! Check the list out here.

Winter Update

The Winter Update saw the addition of some really useful new workbooks (estimating calculators) this time for renovations, plus a new ‘mini spec’ that enables you to choose between JCB, mini digger or manual excavation methods.

You can read more about the winter update here.

ProjectXpert 2017

PJX-2017-fade-900 latest-construction-software-developmentsFollowing on from the success of the ribbon feature addition into EstimatorXpress and PlansXpress, we added a new ribbon feature to ProjectXpert! This new feature allows for easier and faster navigation as well as the improved benefit of a similar user experience across the software range. You can read more about it here.

Health & Safety Xpert

You’ll be pleased to know that Health & Safety Xpert has had TWO updates this year.

Health & Safety Xpert 2017

HAVS-Exposure-Record-2017-latest-construction-software-developmentsThis edition addressed HAVS, included a new Ladder Inspection Report, has been updated for 4k monitors, includes a new important link to HSG 65, and of course has been reviewed for legal compliance.

The new Hand Arm Vibration exposure (HAVS) form helps builders and developers keep track of the time spent using hand held power tools to help them ensure that no staff exceed the daily limit as noted in the RA.

As mentioned, all Health & Safety Xpert updates also come with a general review of all the regulations to make sure all our builders are following the most recent requirements.

Health & Safety Xpert 2018

We’re pleased to say that the new Health & Safety Xpert 2018 edition comes with over 60 valuable Toolbox Talk documents, recommended by our NEBOSH accredited Health & Safety Consultant, in line with what CITB and the HSE encourage.  It’s also been through its regular regulatory review to ensure that the paperwork is still up to date date with the latest regulations and any bug fixes and usability improvements. You can read more about the update here.

ContractsXpert 2018

Our industry leading construction contracts software has recently had its regular legal review to make sure all contracts automatically produced are watertight and up to date. Reviewed in conjunction with Barrister Hugh Saunders who has a broad commercial practice, specialising in construction and engineering and finance. We’ve also improved the user interface to make it even nicer to use!

Ongoing commitment to research and development ensures best construction software.

We think you’ll agree that we’ve had a busy year and in our eyes it’s all made worth it when you hear back from happy, successful users and receive such great awards. At HBXL we attribute this success to our ongoing commitment to research and development of all our construction software. We reinvest 25% of our turnover back into product development to make sure our users get the most out of their Support & Updates. In order to benefit from all the investment and work we do, AND to be able to use our award winning Support Team, make sure you keep your Support & Updates in place here, alternatively, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0117 916 7892.