Why UK construction software will help your business do well in 2023

Actually, construction software developed in the UK is really only the half of it. I could have called this article ‘Why HBXL will help your business do well in 2023’. Because our mission is to help you grow your building firm, not just with software, but with some really great business support too. On this page I’ll briefly tell you about our:

To get through a turbulent time in the construction industry you need to manage your costs and your business effectively. Get it right and you will come out the other side stronger than your competitors – assuming they’re still there…

We want to help builders put an end to these situations

  • Feeling financially vulnerable when works slows down
  • Not having a workload beyond the next 6-8 weeks
  • Not seeing large increases in personal income that at least match inflation
  • Unable to afford to employ experienced, skilled staff
  • Spending too little time with family and friends…

HBXL can help building firms…

  • …claw back valuable time – away from admin – and onto the business, customers and your team
  • …by helping you grow and develop your business as slowly or as quickly as you want
  • …by giving you practical support to win more, profitable work.

Yes it starts with construction software made in the UK…

Today, it’s not a case of ‘if’ you’ll get software – it’s ‘when’ you’ll get software. Carry on using spreadsheets and pen and paper and you will fast be left behind. The signs are already there if you’re missing out on jobs and not making enough money on the ones you do win.

If you imagine software will cost you loads of money and time, we get the reluctance. But HBXL’s software is neither expensive or complicated. We believe that everyone should have access to straightforward, cost-effective, and importantly, stress-relieving software tools. And thousands of builders right across the UK, are using our award-winning products developed and supported by a highly talented crew.

Your business power tools

The more profitable building firms today are letting digital solutions do the heavy lifting – from the quoting and project management, through to health and safety and contract writing.

  • EstimatorXpressthe UK’s leading estimating tool for small to medium sized building firms in the UK
  • PlansXpress – a user-friendly design tool exclusively for construction projects – that links with EstimatorXpress for an automatic estimate from the drawing!
  • Health & Safety Xpert – again, a tool that is specific to our industry – easy to use and basically invaluable
  • ContractsXpert – why wouldn’t you use an inexpensive software tool that will make sure you get paid?
  • ProjectXpert – a simple tool that makes sure every project runs smoothly, on time and on budget.

And with it comes human, friendly support from the HBXL team – no one else can compare. Our support is award-winning. There are no ticket systems. No long queues. You’ll hear from us in hours not days. Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm we’re on hand to chat online and over the phone. No question is too big or too small. The Support & Updates package that automatically comes with a subscription and the first year of a perpetual licence, is second to none. You only have to check out our Trustpilot reviews.

We’ll do your estimating for you

The best of both worlds. The HBXL Estimating Service has been providing professionally-produced estimates, quotations and supporting reports for businesses across the UK for well over 10 years. We have builders who use our service for all their jobs. And we have builders who use their own EstimatorXpress when they can, and ask us to fill in the gaps when they’re too busy (or have a tricky job to quote on). Becki is ready for your call to discuss the service further on 0117 916 7894. Or you can upload a set of plans to our website for a no-obligation quote for completing the work.

A free session with one of the UK’s top mentors to building firms

Simon from the Better Business Group is probably the UK’s leading mentor to building firms – and he’s giving his time freely to the HBXL community. Over a 60-minute chat he will talk through your business and provide as many tips as he can in that time. He really understands how builders work – and homeowners too. If you’re under-charging and under-performing – Simon knows what you should do. Read more about Simon and the other coaches in TEAM HBXL here.

Fully funded and heavily discounted construction business training

We launched the HBXL Skills Academy in 2022. And it’s been a big hit. Our short (13 or 14 week) Skills Bootcamps are run in conjunction with local authorities and specialist training company CPJ Education, with funding from the Department for Education. The focus is on practical training that will better your own building firm or give you the skills that employers are looking for. The courses are either fully-funded by the Department for Education or 90% funded by them, depending on your circumstances. So it’s a real win-win situation. Find out more here.

What next

2023 is going to be difficult for the building trade. But you can control your own success. If you’re ready to rethink your building firm in order to win more profitable business – let’s talk. We want to help you build your future with HBXL over the next few weeks, months and years. First step is a call to 0117 916 7898. Alternatively you can get stuck into a free 14-day trial of EstimatorXpress, or we can walk-through the software with you to give you a taste of things to come. Let’s do this together!