Is a free Construction Skills Bootcamp right for me?

‘Is a Construction Skills bootcamp right for me’ is a question we’re often asked. And invariably a Bootcamp is ideal for anyone who wants to gain skills in estimating, business (specific to construction) or CAD for construction. For some, it’s training they didn’t know they needed! If you’ve been in construction for some time, you may well feel like you pretty much know it all by now. Well we’ve got news for you…! We’ve had trainees in their late fifties who have realised that the world has changed, they’re not making the money they should, and it’s never too late to turn things around.

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The free training you didn’t know you needed!

  • Free or 90% funded HBXL Skills Bootcamp Courses
  • Sharpen your estimating skills
  • Learn CAD for construction the easy way
  • Gain new business admin and management skills
  • Use HBXL software free for the duration of the course.

Some Estimating Skills Bootcamp feedback

Paul found the Bootcamp invaluable and would recommend it – and EstimatorXpress software – to every building firm. He wishes the course had been available 25 years ago – he’d have had a very different company. He doesn’t just want to get the estimating over and done with. By doing it properly he knows he’s making money.

George thought the Estimating course was really good. Fantastic even! His previous software was very inflexible, wasn’t linked to latest prices and didn’t have the useful diagrams that EstimatorXpress includes. The notes from the business module are his ‘bible’ now.

Ross now feels confident to go for it – and has already used the software on two real jobs. The plan is to use EstimatorXpress on new builds to decide whether a new build plot is worth it – what it will cost and what his return will be.

Sufiyan, a Quantity Surveyor, liked that EstimatorXpress stays on top of prices. He’s more productive now, and can get a greater number of jobs out. His clients want a materials breakdown and a build programme which his current software doesn’t provide. The business development side and planning for success was more interesting than he’d imagined. The course also taught him how to estimate light commercial work.

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Some CAD for Construction Bootcamp feedback

Alma enjoyed the course – and the PlansXpress software. ‘It’s so intuitive’. She ‘got it’ quickly and despite feeling a little stretched by some of the construction language, was able to keep up. 

Katy thought the quality of the teaching material was great. It was a little overwhelming to start with but she soon felt more capable. Katy explained that with a family to ferry around, she would never have been able to attend college. So really grateful that such a good online course is available.

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Some Business Management Bootcamp feedback

Hannah wanted an all round insight into construction in order to help her husband’s company. And that’s exactly what she gained. Thanks to the course they plan to improve their website and develop their social media presence. Hannah feels able to look after the numbers and generally support the business.

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The courses are FREE for most small building firms

If you’re self-employed or unemployed they’re absolutely FREE! Otherwise, the 10% fee for Limited Companies who run a PAYE is from £350+VAT for the Estimating and Business Management courses and from £413+VAT for CAD for Construction. The remaining 90% is funded by the Department of Education.

Is a construction skills bootcamp right for me?

Let’s find out. Give us a call on 0117 916 7870 or email providing your name and phone number. And we can discuss whether you’re in the right catchment area and general eligibility. And you can ask lots of questions. It’s an amazing opportunity. The HBXL Skills Bootcamps offer a powerful end game. You stand to gain relevant, practical, hands-on skills and knowledge delivered by experts in their field. You’ll finish with relevant knowledge that will boost you personally and any business you’re involved in. Each course is also a chance to put HBXL’s Building Software through its paces – and use on real jobs while on the course – all for free.