Your end-to-end building project solution begins here

End-to-end building project management solution. Say what? End-to-end is a shorthand way of saying:

Quoting for the job…
Winning the work…
Producing a contract…
Setting out the health and safety plan and all the accompanying documents…
Negotiating and ordering the materials…
Scheduling the work…
Booking your team…
Ordering your plant…
Managing the work and…
Invoicing it.

You can see why we just refer to it as an ‘end-to-end’ solution…

Every penny counts right now. Material prices are rising. Fuel costs more. Labour rates are increasing. No one can afford to miss a penny of profit. And it all comes to down to watertight project management. Rock solid planning. Tight control of costs. The HBXL suite of software is a valuable investment that will pay you back month after month after month.

The 2 minute video here gives you an idea of the huge benefits of end-to-end management

Our developers created the technology to make it possible for the EstimatorXpress estimate data (the job details, phases, cost – everything basically) to populate Health & Safety Xpert, ContractsXpert and ProjectXpert.  From there you’ll get all the documents SPECIFIC to that job.We’ve called it X-Connex technology. It works in the same way if you design a job in PlansXpress or whether you trace it to take off dimensions. The data from the drawing can be fed into EstimatorXpress making estimating an even quicker process. Basically, the wonderful thing about our X-Connex technology is that you only have to input the important data once. The ‘receiving’ software analyses the data it’s given from the ‘giving’ software, asks you a few questions and that’s it.

HBXL end-to-end solution

It saves you time. It saves you money. It avoids new errors. Amazing!

Whether you are using two programmes, three or the whole suite you will see the benefits of being able to export your information from one to the other.


Export your PlansXpress CAD file or your PlansXpress Take-off* trace to EstimatorXpress, and it will read all the dimensions and items specified on your plan and turn them into an almost instant estimate and quote. (And your PlansXpress plans and elevations will have also produced you job-winning 3D visuals)


Export your EstimatorXpress file to Health & Safety Xpert, which will read the information to give you documents relevant to that particular project – So it won’t give you an Excavation Risk Assessment if you’re doing a loft conversion!


Use X-Connex connectivity to import an EstimatorXpress project into ContractsXpert. With a click of a button it will automatically author the appropriate customer contract, sub-contractor contract, letter, Notices and forms in a matter of seconds. Then all you do is press print!


Import all your EstimatorXpress files into ProjectXpert and with a click of a button you’ll see your daily, weekly, monthly tasks across all the projects, what you need where and when, whether you can better utilise labour and identify where your equipment is at any one time. And as you make amends you can export back to EstimatorXpress to reschedule all your deliveries and management reports.

Input once. Benefit multiple times. Save time. Avoid errors.

You could begin with EstimatorXpress from £599+VAT for a 12-month subscription.

Or subscribe to the whole kit for £1839+VAT for 12 months. It will be money well spent.

And if you already have HBXL software, then add to your kit and get the full effect. Buy outright or set up a subscription.

Give the team a call on 0117 916 7898, ask for an online demonstration of individual products or the whole kit, or book your demo here.

We’re here to help. Our mission is to help all small building firms ‘Go Digital’ in 2022 so you’ll be supported all the way.

So what are you waiting for? An end to time and money wasting – begins here.


*If you have EstimatorXpress already, you can buy or subscribe to PlansXpress Take-off