September is the new January. Reboot your New Year goals.

Quick Takeaways:

  • It’s worth making the most of the next four months and see through your New Year goals.
  • Finding the time to quote isn’t so difficult with the right tools

The summer is drawing to a close and there’s a back-to-school vibe – which interestingly seems to effect most people whether they have school-age children or not? So if you’re feeling newly motivated, following a difficult summer period, you’re not alone.

New quarter, new goals

‘September is the new January’ when it comes to setting goals. New habits are often started at ‘natural transition points’. That could be a birthday, first day of the month, the week, the year for instance.

Let’s face it January is long-gone… But if you haven’t got done what you wanted to this year, no problem – that was the old you. This is September and the new you. This is your second shot at progressing the goals and aspirations that were important back in January.

So how do you maximise this positive mood?

To start with, how about scheduling a ‘power hour’ to nail all the little tasks you’ve been putting off. Just blocking out an hour in the diary for an uninterrupted productivity blitz could make all the difference. Once the nagging to-do list is out of your hair you can focus on the bigger thinking.

The big questions…

Life coach Melody Wilding, suggests you ask yourself:

  • What’s working best in my life/business right now?
  • What key actions or projects do I want to focus on in the next quarter?
  • What do I still want to achieve this year that I haven’t started?

Need some business goal inspiration?

How about…

And if that sounds daunting we can make it a whole lot easier…

Your five-point Reboot plan

  1. Phone one of our sales consultants on 0117 916 7898
  2. Describe your business, how you currently quote for work and what you would ideally like to change/improve
  3. Hear about the HBXL software package that would best suit your needs and aspirations
  4. Book a short online demonstration to see it live in action over your computer
  5. Take up one of our special September Reboot deals:
    • Name your discount or come up with a payment plan (within reason!). Offer ends 30.9.19.
    • Talk to us about a September Reboot deal on a lifetime licence for any HBXL product or package. Offer ends 30.9.19.
    • Or take up an annual subscription and get an Amazon Reward card worth £60!
    • PLUS Free 60-minute over-the-phone business coaching for builders with our partners Better Business Group
    • PLUS Free 3-month subscription to ContractsXpert

What next?

Don’t miss this window of opportunity to reboot your New Year goals. Start by looking round the rest of the website here, you could have an online demonstration with one of the team. And if you need more time you can even trial the software for 14-days. We’re here, ready to chat on 0117 916 7898.

Camilla Wild is the HBXL Group Sales & Marketing Manager