5 reasons why you need to make time for construction estimating

Your time may be precious but it will be time well spent getting your head into construction estimating software. Digital estimating can have a huge impact on your building firm. You’ll be accurate, efficient and profitable!

Look at it another way – without using a digital estimating process, you risk potential customers choosing your competitors who…

  • quote faster
  • provide a more detailed quote
  • quote a seemingly high figure yet win
  • come across as more professional
  • share lots of project info – from day one.

Chances are those competitors are using estimating software – and most likely – EstimatorXpress if they want a UK-based solution. We’re the most experienced construction software company for small businesses in the UK.

Choose HBXL and you’ll soon be flying through your estimating using our pre-loaded templates – or if you prefer – the tracing add-on for automatic estimates.

1. Faster response to estimating requests

Yes you need a bit of time at the outset to get to grips with our construction estimating software. But before you know it you will be doing quotes for renovations in half an hour and small extensions in an hour. Being slow getting the quote back to a customer is bad news on two fronts 1) a competitor could beat you to it 2) if you’re slow now how does that look to the customer for the build itself?

2. Job-winning detailed quotations

The numbers on the page. They’re so important to the customer. They will pore over the figures multiple times. It’s ultimately what wins you the work. A single A4 says very little. A total on its own means nothing. The more you share with the customer the more confidence they will have that the job costs won’t increase half way in. They’ll see that you’re transparent and do things thoroughly. With EstimatorXpress you can share as much or as little as you want.

3. Confidence to not be cheap

Hear me out. Decent customers will pay the full whack if the work involved is explained (refer to reason number two). It’s difficult to argue with a comprehensive quote. Come in cheaper in the hope of winning the work – and they’ll worry you won’t do the job properly or will re-quote later. As the FMB say to homeowners in an article, “If the price is too nice, you’ll pay twice”. Oh, and if you keep hearing ‘you’re too expensive’, research suggests that people often say this as an easy ‘out’. EstimatorXpress costs every tub of nails and tube of mastic, plus your overheads, wastage, wear and tear… The facts are facts. Why knock off thousands of pounds only to fund the job yourself? EstimatorXpress will help you be proud of your prices.

4. Looking more professional

People are swayed by appearance as well as price. Customers who recognise quality and have a profitable job for you, want to see professionalism. And the quote that EstimatorXpress automatically produces from the estimate, says it all. It gives you a covering letter and the costs smartly laid out in build phases. It also includes a summary and assumptions and provisions.

5. Prepared to go the extra mile

When quotes are too close to call it helps to offer something extra to help a customer decide. As EstimatorXpress produces the estimate and the customer quotation, it also automatically produces a set of reports, including a Build Programme. Showing the customer the anticipated duration of tasks could be the clincher. They don’t need to know you didn’t spend an hour pulling the chart together!?

What next?

We can give you a load more reasons why you want EstimatorXpress, our time saving construction software, in your toolkit. Give us a call on 0117 916 7898. Download your free 14-day trial of EstimatorXpress. Better still, let us give you a walk-through of the software first. It’s time to out-smart your competitors and  build your future with HBXL.