Why ContractsXpert 2016?

ContractsXpert 2016 Infographic

Software that enables builders to quickly and easily produce watertight, easy-to-understand contracts when undertaking work on behalf of clients has been upgraded.

Called ContractsXpert 2016, the software has been developed by HBXL, the award-winning construction software company, and helps produce contracts in minutes.

With two contracts included they cover small work contracts for consumers and business-to-business* and subcontractor contracts.

It also includes other documents required by law such as notice on the right to cancel, start work now form, a changing work form and cancellation form to ensure any variations do not lead to disputes.

The beauty of the software is that when a user goes through the Wizard to build a contract, if the client is a consumer, then the contract will be tailored specifically for consumers and will incorporate the relevant clauses and other additional forms that are required by law under the Door Selling Regulations.

Builders and their customers will therefore know exactly where they stand before any work starts, ensuring payments are on time and representative of the work done.

Joanna Mulgrew, director at HBXL said: “When you agree to do a job for a customer it’s imperative that what you agree to do and how much it will cost is formally written down in the form of a contract.

“But for the already time pressed builder, writing up a contract can and is regarded as being a bit of a chore!

“However with consumer organisations encouraging more home owners to be wary of any builder who is unwilling to enter into a contract, those that are prepared to present a document to their customer will stand a greater chance of winning the work not to mention protecting themselves against any possible dispute.

“It’s also important that builders realise that Doorstep Selling Regulations apply to them. Basically if you sell products and services worth over £42 to a customer at their home you must provide certain information including their right to cancel. Failure to provide this information is a criminal offence. If convicted the trader and/or their business could be fined up to £5,000.”

With one of the biggest worries for builders ensuring they get paid for the work they have done and on time, ContractsXpert 2016 is the perfect tool to assure they and the customer are fully aware of the ins and outs of all the work that is going on, making sure there are no disagreements when it comes to payment.

Joanna added:  “The contracts have been drafted in conjunction with a specialist barrister so users can be safe in the knowledge that the contracts they are creating are legally binding.

“They also ensure the builder is up to date with all the latest regulations and EU and UK laws, Construction Design Management 2015 and Door Step Selling regulations.

“It’s a must have tool to make sure builders get paid for the work they do.”

* Consumers described as homeowners and business-to-business where the builder undertakes work for another firm.