“How can I make my construction business more profit…?”

…and able to go after more building work, quickly and easily, with high quality quotes that will win us more valuable jobs?”

Sounds like the Holy Grail doesn’t it? Well in the many conversations we’ve set out to have this year with builders across the UK, those wishes are on just about every business owner’s list.

“Solve that lot,” they say, “and we’ll talk”. So we have.

Introducing the Rapid Take-off & Estimate Kit

We believe you should be able to win a job AND make a proper profit on the strength of an accurate, detailed and professional quote – and crucially – one that doesn’t make demands on your precious time.

With this in mind the developers at HBXL have developed some revolutionary software to create a kit that’s:

  • seriously easy to understand,
  • ultra-fast to use,
  • looks professional, is professional,
  • and will lock-in your profit.

The Rapid Take-off & Estimate Kit is a quick win in itself for any forward-thinking building firm. Combining EstimatorXpress and PlansXpress with the new Quick Quote plug-in, we believe this is the UK’s fastest, most accurate estimating software available to the smaller building firm today.

Not only will you be able to quote more often thanks to the amazing simplicity of the process, but your professional-looking, detailed quotes will attract the better paying jobs. Plus, 100% accuracy will keep your profit intact.

There are two ways to get the same, high quality results:

Option 1)

You can either get an instant quote when you take off using the software’s clever tracing tools within PlansXpress, the CAD package.

Option 2)

Or you can use the Quick Quote plug-in within EstimatorXpress within the estimating package. Within four minutes you’ll have estimated an extension. And in two minutes a renovation.

And this isn’t a slow burner. This is a quick solution. You could see the benefits in a matter of days. So why not start with a Test Drive. We’ll drop the software onto your computer, take you for a spin before giving you the keys for 14 days!

Based on the response we’ve had to the Rapid Kit already, with many ordered before it was even launched, we know this a game changer. Do you want to risk being without the time-saving, business-winning, margin-boosting software that your competitors could be about to use?

The Rapid Kit successfully responds to the issues the small to medium sized building firms in our research are facing. The stand-out messages that came through loud and clear are:

  • They lose out on too many of the good, profitable jobs and they’re pretty sure it’s down to speed, presentation, detail and visual representations
  • Successful competitors show customers colourful 3D drawings of extensions and lofts as though they’re running a kitchen showroom!
  • When a potential customer asks for an amendment to the quote they can’t move fast enough – they’re not set up to respond
  • They’ve a horrible feeling they’re ‘busy fools’… Yes the order books are full for the next six months but the margins are so tight. Added together they’ll probably make the same amount as one ‘proper’ job.
  • Worse still, any money they do make, too often gets swallowed by the too frequent costly mistakes they make
  • Their square metre rule of thumb for quoting really isn’t standing up anymore. Apart from the fact that one size doesn’t fit all, customers want detail in the quotes which this method doesn’t provide

So as we say, all these concerns can be dealt with by HBXL’s Rapid Take-off & Estimating Kit. You don’t have to be an IT-whizz. You don’t have to devote a load of time or spend stupid money. There really is no barrier to your success with this software kit.

We can also assist with cash flow by providing the option of stage-payments (with no added interest). Mind you, at £1499+VAT the software is already excellent value. To find out more, call the HBXL team on 0117 916 7898 and you too could be making the big wins soon.