Take off your plans dimensions and spec’ in PlansXpress then bring into EstimatorXpress for your instant costed estimate massively reducing errors or miscalculations. Plus it’s quick to learn.

Simply import either a scanned plan into PlansXpress or any major CAD file format including PDFs, DWGs, DXF, JPEG - then easily scale and rotate plans and you're good to go. Quickly trace and export it to EstimatorXpress to calculate an automatic estimate.

Simply point and click to trace your drawing taking off areas, lengths and counts as you go and specifying your project with ease. Add doors / windows and other openings, and the software measures in negative, automatically netting off the areas.

For ease, it highlights what you have traced over to remind you what you have already taken off. Turn layers off to remove things you don't need on the plan.

See what you have measured and counted in 3D to get a good feel for your take-off.

Designed for novices, PlansXpress is really easy to use so tracing your plans to capture your dimensions and specification is a doddle. Then simply export your traced plan into EstimatorXpress for an automatic estimate. No need to assign rates to your plan or build up an estimate in Microsoft Excel as EstimatorXpress costs it for you.

EstimatorXpress has hundreds of thoroughly tested in-built fully costed estimating calculators up to latest building regs. Having imported your traced plan from PlansXpress, EstimatorXpress does the number crunching, costing and itemising the work for you. It calculates all materials, labour, plant, subcontract and sundry and it won't make errors in overlooking VAT, wastage, critical costs and/or profit.

If you don't have plans from your client you can use new Quick Quote to start your estimate. Choose from a range of whole project templates with endless permutations of roofs, wall finishes, floors and internal fitting out. Tweak the dimensions and Spec, then hit 'Create Estimate' and you're done! In just 4 minutes estimate an extension, and in 2 minutes a renovation. It's that easy.

It costs and quantifies everything. Materials, labour, plant, subcontract and sundry. Right down to the last screw and fixing. Nothing is missed. It will even calculate the wear and tear of your shovel.

Exclusive to EstimatorXpress you can link to thousands of live building material prices using our Price Tracker™ service to keep pace with building material prices increases. Plus you can link up to your trade accounts for our partners catalogues inc Tradepoint, Travis Perkins, Keyline, BuilderWarehouse and Crystal Direct (PVC-U doors, windows, conservatories and roof lights).

You can also add in your own building material prices from specialist merchants and EstimatorXpress will colour code these materials for you to prompt you to keep them up-to-date. EstimatorXpress also comes set up with all labour and plant costs built-in. It's just a 10 minute job to update the prices to the rates you pay.

Because of the speed of quoting you’ll be able to go for more jobs and tenders with much less effort. The automated professional clients quotes are instantly produced, which allow you to show as much or as little detail as you want. These quotes are proven to boost your win rate by 230% and give your customers more confidence in you and your business.

You’ll get over 80 management reports from your estimate data in EstimatorXpress. As well as a full breakdown of costs, cutting lists, material schedules (Bill of quantities) and labour schedules it will also tell you how much profit you are going to make and provide cashflow analysis.

You can share your plan and traces with colleagues and include annotations. If everyone on the project team has PlansXpress they’ll see all specification decisions and exactly how each element is built.

EstimatorXpress 2017 onwards now comes with cloud and server saving of estimates as standard (v. 904.7 and later editions) so you can share your building estimate too.

Smaller building companies will appreciate being able to save to the Cloud from one device, and then continue working on a second device (which is running an EstimatorXpress LIVE licence before saving back to the Cloud.

And for larger firms with bigger estimating teams, you’ll fine the EstimatorXpress Enterprise edition and its Manager & Collaborator feature set really powerful. It synchronises your company “settings” to ensure everyone in the team is using latest Price Books, Specifications, Quote templates, Custom Workbooks (Estimating calculators) and more…

Converting your estimating methods over to software could seem a bit daunting. We place first class customer support as our top priority which is why we provide a Tutorial Guide, Support Site, telephone support, video tutorials and much, much more. Plus you can contact us by telephone with any questions and we will ensure you're creating business-winning estimates from day one.

We get lots of enquiries from builders and other tradespeople who have been burnt by their software purchases in the past and are looking for software from HBXL that delivers results rather than promises.

So if you’re struggling with any other estimating, CAD, health and safety or contracts software then rather than let it sit on the shelf gathering dust, now’s the time to switch to HBXL and make a huge saving with our Software Scrappage Scheme.