New PlansXpress for 2022

PlansXpress 2022 is here! And in the latest version you’ll find our brand new roofing tool. The roofing capabilities of PlansXpress have taken extension and new build drawing to another level thanks to a complete re-write and re-imagination. This is a hugely significant enhancement to the already popular digital drawing tool.

  • Roof drawing has just got really straightforward
  • You can undertake complex rooflines including different wall plate heights and roofing intersections
  • As well as Apex, Valley, Half Hip and Lean To you can now produce Mansard, Dutch Gable and Gambrel roofs
  • There are clever new roof editing tools that you can apply to your roof there and then – without having to completely redraw.
  • Amazing 3D detailing including;
    • Ridge tiles
    • Flashing – horizontal or stepped
    • Gable end detailing (cement gable fillet or dry verge system)
    • Box valleys
    • Gutters and downpipes
    • Parapet Walls

The new editing tools allow you to, say, change a gable into a barn hip or increase the soffit width or change the pitch of one or all of the roof faces. Drawing isn’t just for architects!

Joe from our Customer Success Team has already reported a positive conversation with a regular PlansXpress user. “I’ve just introduced Andrew to PlansXpress 2022. He had a slightly awkward Mansard roof that needed drawing. One click and it was done. He was really impressed.”

Watch the short 12 minute video with a preview from Jim, lead developer on this important project and check out some examples of different roof types further down the page.


As you can see PlansXpress can now tackle just about anything. Add the 3D PhotoVisualiser (a plug-in for PlansXpress that you can purchase) and you can enhance your images using solid rendering as shown here – or textured. You can also place the image in-situ either using a background from the software or onto a photo of the location the extension or new build will be set in. Looks great on your website, social media or in the customer’s inbox.


Take a look also at the roof lights in situ – and some of the detailing now available to you – check out the gutter and drain pipe.


Here are the images before going into 3DPhotoVisualiser. They’re created by the PlansXpress onboard 3D model. These too can be saved as a png file in the software.

One more thing, we’ve synchronised EstimatorXpress to be compatible with PlansXpress 2022, so you will need the 2022 version of EstimatorXpress to be able to use it with PlansXpress 2022.


If you don’t have PlansXpress 2022 yet, call 0117 916 7898, take a look at the software in more detail here, request a short online demonstration here or go straight to the online shop!

If you have PlansXpress already – great news! Download it here. There are three new help videos to help you get up to speed.

Make sure your Support & Updates is in-date to get all the new features available in the 2022 version.  If your Support & Updates has expired, please call the team on 0117 916 7892 or go online to either renew or upgrade (if your version is 2020 or older).

If you have any queries about the software or the new CAD roof editing tool talk to Customer Support on 0117 916 7892.