Meet Charles OKell of UK Pro Build

Everyone has different goals, but whether it’s looking to make fewer errors, win more work or tighten up health and safety, HBXL can help with it – and more.

Our goal? To become the go-to software for any part of the building process – and we like to think we’ve succeeded. We’re the UK leaders in domestic construction software.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out Charles OKell’s HBXL journey:

Towards the end of 2013 Charles, who’s based in Cheshire, was looking for ways to make his company even more successful when he heard about HBXL. He was looking to improve his company’s quotes and contracts to reflect the same level of accuracy and professionalism that they had put into their new website, branded clothing and vehicles.

“We felt it was better to get the whole package (The Premium Project Toolkit) at once and learn from the beginning rather than bolt on bit-by-bit.” So, from the start, he had in his toolkit PlansXpress, EstimatorXpress, ContractsXpert, Health & SafetyXpert and ProjectXpert. The software has allowed him to save thousands on quantity surveyor fees; it paid for itself within a couple of projects.”

“The software in the last few months has been guiding us, it’s really changed how we think about doing business, whether we wanted to be ‘busy idiots’; are we making the most effective use of our skills and our team? We aren’t a big team, there’s only six or seven of us – are we using that team appropriately to make money because at the end of the day that’s what we are there for.”

Charles recognised that with HBXL software he would be able to take care of the project from start to finish and eliminate any margin for error, leaving his company able to retain all their profit.  And such is his confidence in the software, Charles also feels comfortable about delegating estimating to other members of the team.

He now feels like his paperwork and estimates reflects the high-quality level at which his company performs and has complete confidence in the results the software produces. “We print off everything needed and present it to the client. This helps make us look as good as we really are!” Rather than negotiating his price, Charles is no longer afraid to tell people “if you don’t like it, we don’t want the business. The software has given us the insight, knowledge and confidence to know that our prices are right. With EstimatorXpress we know from the very beginning that we’ve priced the job right. To produce legally sound contracts shows you are not messing around and presenting a full health & safety file along with the quote reassures the client. Health & Safety Xpert is a real gem and we cannot recommend it highly enough. It gives us complete confidence, keeps us compliant and shows we know what we’re doing.”

His accountant was so impressed he left mid-meeting to call two more of his client’s to advise them to invest in HBXL!

In Charles’ own words his company is “looking forward to a long-term relationship with HBXL’s software.”

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