Voted ‘best estimating software 2016′- EstimatorXpress is the perfect estimating software for renovations

Recently voted best estimating software 2016 in the Technology Innovator Awards 2016 by Corporate Vision Magazine, EstimatorXpress is the perfect estimating software for extensions, renovations and new builds. Not only this but EstimatorXpress allows builders to combine scopes so that they can provide one estimate for jobs that require multiple work specifications.

EstimatorXpress-role | Building Software for BuildersIn the video we demonstrate the advantages of using EstimatorXpress for estimating internal and external renovation work in a renovation specific video from our wide range of tutorial videos to demonstrate exactly how EstimatorXpress works.

EstimatorXpress and Renovations- the perfect match

EstimatorXpress is the best estimating software for renovations because it comes with specifications specifically setup for refurbishment and renovation jobs and will automatically chose workbooks for renovation tasks. Watch the video to see exactly how…

It really is that quick and easy to estimate a renovation project with EstimatorXpress from HBXL. If you think it looked too easy and think it’s probably too good to be true then we encourage you to get a 30 day free trial to find out for yourself. It’s no obligation, no credit card required and the form only takes a minute to fill in. There’s absolutely no reason you wouldn’t give it a try today.