Quick takeaways:

  • HBXL estimating software is less daunting than you think!
  • We’re here to help you every step of the way
  • It’s not about the risk of change – it’s the risk of not changing

Worried about risking time and money on estimating software?

What if you’re actually putting your business at risk by NOT taking the plunge? What if, by delaying, you’re actually costing your business money?

I’ll stop with the dramatic statements. But based on the many, many conversations we have with builders, I’m saying this with good reason. The users of our software are undoubtedly better for having our software than being without it. The changes they have made to their businesses have been positive ones – as evidenced in a recent survey we conducted.

We asked the same questions to both HBXL software and non-users. Their answers were really telling:

  • Builders not benefitting from quotations produced in EstimatorXpress are feeling much less hopeful about business going forward than the builders who are
  • The non-users are more anxious – whilst users are feeling much more positive
  • Margins are getting tighter for both groups – but while non-users are absorbing the price rises – users are still quoting the full amount.


Second-guessing them, I’ll say:

  • EstimatorXpress 2020 is our most user-friendly version EVER
  • We’re right by your side as you find your way round the software
  • You can even opt for a free, short, online course giving you tips and tricks
  • The website has bitesize ‘getting started’ videos hosted by our lovely trainer Olivia
  • Your Support & Updates package (included in the first year and permanently included with subscriptions) gives you access to the Tech Team over the phone, logged into your computer, via chat and email…Paul Knapp Bristol builder

This is what Paul Knapp, an EstimatorXpress user from Bristol, says about the support team:

“I don’t mind ringing up because people are so helpful. You can feel a bit of an idiot thinking this is really obvious I just can’t see it…but it’s so much easier to talk. It’s knowing that you can ring up and you’re not going to be treated like a bit of a dunce and you’re going to get looked after.”

Why not have a look at our Trustpilot reviews too.


  • You won’t be out of pocket
  • You won’t be absorbing price rises or overlooking hire equipment
  • You’ll know the materials prices are up-to-date
  • You’ll be able to take a view on what are often unknowns, such as what’s profitable and what isn’t, using the software’s clever dashboard
  • You’ll stay on top of the jobs going forward with materials lists, schedules, progress charts and much more
  • You’ll be so well organised! Think of the recommendations!

So apart from your apprehensions about IT (and well done if you don’t have the fear!) what else could be holding you back?


Apparently, former United States Secretary of State Colin Powell came up with the 40-70 rule: Once you know 40% to 70% of the relevant information, Powell says, that’s enough to guide you toward the best option. “Once the information is in the 40 to 70 range, go with your gut.”

Having less than 40% of the necessary information can lead to errors, while going beyond 70% is too much time spent on fact-finding.

To get to that 40% milestone start by looking round the rest of the website here, you could have a, much recommended, online demonstration with myself or another member of the team. And if you need more time you can even trial the software for 14-days.

Marc Brady is the HBXL Group Senior Sales Account Manager