What happens when an HSE Inspector visits a construction site?

HSE Inspector visits are real! Just as traffic wardens appear out of nowhere so do HSE Inspectors. In this article we give you:

  • The solution
  • The cost of fees and fines
  • What the Inspector looks for
  • What to do next.

Concerned? Relaxed? Which one are you?

  • Always looking over your shoulder wondering if today is your turn?
  • Sure they’re never going to call – your jobs are too small – and anyway you’re always careful?
  • Bring it on – paperwork is up-to-date, site is safe – we’ve nothing to hide?

Well let’s say they turn up tomorrow. We list below some of the key areas the inspector will be looking at. I should stress I’m giving you the top line info here – there isn’t room to give you the full low-down – you need to visit the HSE website for that.

A simple £499+VAT solution

Health & Safety XpertI want to start with a solution! Our Health & Safety Xpert software, starting at just £499+VAT a year, takes away loads of the admin stress. It gives you the right paperwork relevant to your project. A lot of the paperwork is filled out for you by the software, and it helps you with the rest. It can even tell you when you need to act on each form and report.

Health & Safety Xpert software is a quick and easy way out of a potentially worrying situation…

Fees for Intervention

If you are found to be in material breach of health and safety law you’ll be charged (at the very least) a Fee for Intervention which is charged by the hour at a rate of £163 (there’s no VAT). And the meter starts running all the time they’re on site, while the report is prepared, advice is taken, they’re talking to you and your workers post-visit…and so on. Note, those businesses meeting their legal requirements will not pay anything for HSE’s regulatory activity. And advice, given verbally or in writing, doesn’t generally come at a cost.

Further down the page you’ll see additional fines and consequences.

While the HSE Inspector is on site

Here’s your starter for ten. Visit the HSE website for more information.

Thorough pre-construction planning

That includes clear rules, checklists, and questionnaires distributed to workers and readily available for anyone to read

Proper site inductions

Completed registers


These include risk, COSHH, noise, vibration… all completed.



Other checks…

The Inspector will want to know that…

  • employees are trained to necessary levels
  • there are workforce briefings at every stage, proper records of accidents or incidents
  • there are thorough audits at the end of every job.

The inspector will look at…

  • how you keep your workers (and anyone who may be affected by your work), healthy and safe
  • any possible health risks arising from the work you are doing
  • your machinery and equipment .

You’ll be quizzed on the main health and safety issues on the site. They’ll ask about your own knowledge and experience of health and safety. They will ask your employees some questions too.

It may be necessary for them to take photos.

And if there’s a problem?

If they find that the law is being broken while they’re there, you could be asked to stop a dangerous activity immediately.

So how would you come out of the inspection?

  • All good
  • With verbal advice given
  • In receipt of written advice
  • In possession of a notification of contravention
  • Holding an improvement notice
  • On the end of a prohibition notice
  • Prosecuted for breaching health and safety laws?

What next? Go for Health & Safety Xpert.

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Imagine being handed the relevant (not just any) documents, for the job. Not that we want you to just print them off – you do need to correctly fill in the paperwork and then take the necessary action to keep everyone safe – so don’t forget the ‘doing’ part! The software is way cheaper than using an H & S consultant, and much more accurate than trying to choose internet templates.

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