What do builders say about EstimatorXpress?

We asked builders using EstimatorXpress what difference the software has been making to their business – especially during this turbulent time for the industry. Their response was enlightening. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 44.44% saving up to 50% estimating time per job
  • 38.89% saving 75% or more estimating time per job
  • 42.11% saving 2-5 hours per week
  • 26.32% saving 5-10 hours per week
  • 94.74% same or improved estimating accuracy

Half the time to estimate each job with EstimatorXpress

Almost half of the builders who took part in the survey stated that they are saving up to 50% of their previous estimating time now that they’re using the software.

And it’s no surprise. Manually checking latest material prices, assessing labour hours, how many bricks, sheets of plasterboard, nails – processing that many calculations is not only time-consuming but tiring too. Perhaps we should have asked how exhausted builders were before they discovered EstimatorXpress!

A staggering third of builders we polled, are saving up to 75% of their time estimating per job and another 5.56% save more than 75% of the time they used to spend on estimating. You can see a visual of the results below.

Time saved per job with EstimatorXpress

89% are saving at least two to five hours a week on estimating

Think of the difference this could make to your evenings and weekends? Over a quarter of the builders who took part in our survey are saving five to 10 hours a week. And over a fifth save even more time than that. An excess of 10 hours saved a week is business-changing!

Hours saved per week with EstimatorXpress

Accuracy is the same or improved for 95% of builders

EstimatorXpress is made up of workbooks (estimating calculators) for every stage/section/phase of a build. Using the dimensions you provide, the software calculates everything that goes into the construction, such as a brick and block wall, house slab, floor screed, half turn staircase, apex valley roof and so on and so on. The software’s pre-loaded quote templates, which already contain the relevant workbooks, make the job even quicker and easier.

Spreadsheets, pen and paper, the memory bank and years of experience… How do you compete with a high-speed digital piece of kit with a huge knowledge base? Give in to technology – you know it makes sense!

Conclusion: EstimatorXpress saves time without compromising accuracy

Builders use EstimatorXpress to get their quotes out faster knowing that everything has been thought about and nothing has been left out. Our survey showed it helped win more jobs too. End of story – or is it? Whilst this survey focussed on time and accuracy, we know builders also choose the award-winning software to manage their jobs more efficiently.

And today – while there are fluctuating prices and serious material delays – the software’s project management tools, graphs, reports, live dashboard and regularly updated materials Price Book matter as much as speed and accuracy. That was a message that come through loud and clear from our survey respondents. Pre-planning is key right now. Orders can be placed further in advance and the impact of delays can be micro-managed. EstimatorXpress is a game changer – and the survey confirms it.

What next?

For just £399+VAT a year you too could produce accurate estimates for extensions in an hour not a day using current materials prices. So book yourself a short online demonstration on the website or give us a call on 0117 916 7898 . We’d love to chat. And look forward to some positive statistics of your own.