Unlocking consistent profit: How EstimatorXpress is helping building firms

Maintaining a consistent flow of profit can be quite a challenge. The complex nature of the construction industry, combined with unforeseen project hurdles, often lead to profit fluctuations. However, there’s a powerful solution that’s changing the way residential building firms approach profitability – and that’s EstimatorXpress.

This award-winning software is a specialist estimating tool for residential construction projects such as extensions, renovations, loft conversions, and new builds. And in this article, I’ll explain how it can be the key to unlocking stability and growth for your building firm. Exclusively available for UK firms, EstimatorXpress is reshaping profitability strategies.

What puts consistent profit at risk?

Delays in projects, unexpected cost escalations, and inadequate planning can disrupt financial projections. So too can inaccurate estimating in the first place. If your quantities, resource allocations and prices are out from the off, you’re already eating into your profit. A robust solution that supports profit stability is essential.

So when I say consistent, I’m talking say a 25-30% profit – achieved – month on month, whatever the project. And Joanna Mulgrew, HBXL’s Managing Director, talks more about making money in an article in Professional Builder magazine and their website.

How EstimatorXpress helps

EstimatorXpress is purpose-built to transform how you operate your building firm. A bold statement but it has been business-changing (even life-changing) for so many builders who use the software. With precision estimating tools, the latest material and labour calculations, the advantages are obvious. The software eliminates errors and oversights, and accurately allocates resources and every last nail, tube of glue and masking tape. In a matter of a couple of hours for an extension, you have a professional-looking, accurate estimate and quotation, paving the way for consistent profits.

Up-to-date material prices

One of the critical challenges in accurate estimating is keeping track of material prices. EstimatorXpress addresses this concern by updating material prices every month, ensuring that your estimates are always based on the latest data. This feature significantly reduces the risk of underestimating costs and massively improves the likelihood of maintaining a consistent profit.

Improving project planning

Timelines need to be in place to mitigate problems further down the line. If people, plant and materials aren’t in the right place, at the right time, money starts disappearing down a hole. Sub-contractors on site waiting for blocks that aren’t going to be there for another 24 hours isn’t going to help with consistent profit. EstimatorXpress aids the project planning process by automatically producing a build programme with the estimate. And if things change – and of course they do – you can manually tweak the offending phase and the time difference will cascade through the whole job.

Don’t take our word for it

The impact of EstimatorXpress isn’t just a theory – it’s backed by numerous success stories. Take Newman Construction, a Gloucester-based residential building firm that, since implementing EstimatorXpress, is now making more money, even though their estimates are higher (because of accurate pricing) and they’ve set a higher profit margin. Watch Emma’s short video testimonial.

Straightforward and efficient

It might be powerful but EstimatorXpress is remarkably user-friendly. Yes it may take some initial practice to get accustomed, and we’re very upfront about that, but users generally find themselves estimating projects more quickly than they before in a matter of weeks and it’s actually easy once you know how. The intuitive interface and step-by-step guidance make the learning curve manageable, transforming estimating, well, forever!

Growing your building firm

Growth is not the end game for everyone. Consistent profit that provides a good living long term can be more than enough. But if you want to take on larger projects or a greater number of projects and with that, more staff, EstimatorXpress is the perfect partner. The professional-looking estimates and supporting documents will impress customers with bigger budgets. You can add estimating calculators for new builds. You can add additional licences for a growing estimating team. And you can stay on top of a bigger portfolio of projects with the clever dashboard – whether that’s a single project or across all of them. With all the benefits of EstimatorXpress, scaling your building firm can be a very real goal. Continue to refine your services, build a robust reputation, and consider expansion within the UK market to drive growth.

stay on top of your projects

Run your business efficiently, lock in your profit, and build a good reputation, and you can lay the foundations for a prosperous future. Achieving consistent profitability in the competitive UK residential construction industry is a significant accomplishment. And we’re here to help you get there.

What next?

EstimatorXpress, exclusively available for UK residential building firms, empowers you to navigate challenges, streamline operations, and achieve sustainable profitability. Ready to take the next step in ensuring consistent profits for your residential building firm? Discover how EstimatorXpress can transform your estimating processes by booking a short online demo in the first instance, followed by a 14-day trial. Or call us on 0117 916 7898.