HSE’s new inspections to check on heavy lifting and moving

Are your workers involved in heavy lifting and moving? You may have read that the HSE are undertaking a new initiative to combat serious aches, pains and strains in construction. Inspectors will be carrying out inspections in October and November in order to check how workers are moving heavy or bulky materials.

How are your workers managing these tasks? What are you doing to minimise the risk of injury or accident?

How would you come out of an inspection?

  • Are you aware of the risks?
  • Are your workers aware of the risks?
  • Do you plan where loads will be to shorten the distance?
  • Do you order lighter and smaller sizes?
  • Do you have (well maintained) mechanical aids like sack trucks, trollies, pulley systems?
  • Do you hire lifting equipment?
  • Are your workers trained in lifting and moving safely?

Managing heavy lifting and moving with software support

Our Health & Safety Xpert software tool addresses the issue of lifting and moving heavy items through its:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Site Set Up Checklist
  • Site Rules
  • Site Induction

Health & Safety XpertThe software helps you can recognise the dangers and prompts you to involve your team in discussions about controlling risks. By providing relevant health & safety documents it makes you aware of the situations that require measures that need putting in place to minimise problems. As the HSE say ‘if moving and lifting is managed properly, a physical job on a building site should not result in aches, pains and strains which affect every part of workers’ lives.’ This video will give you a good idea of why the software is so popular before you book a quick 1-2-1 online demonstration of the software.

The HBXL Skills Academy has a course for you

We offer a number of courses through our partnership with VideoTile, including one on Manual Handling. You can pay for the course here and then attend the course at your own pace in your own time. It costs just £25 and lasts 75 minutes. It’s worth paying for each and everyone on site to watch it as soon as possible.

Inspection campaign

Shockingly, according to the HSE, ‘recent figures show around 40,000 people in the construction industry suffer a musculoskeletal disorder each year, which can cause years of agonising aches and pains.’

Matt Birtles, principal ergonomist at HSE, said: “Serious aches, pains and strains can affect every part of someone’s life. They can struggle to get themselves dressed and undressed, they can be unable to pick up their children or grandchildren.”

So it’s no surprise that HSE inspectors are going to be visiting a range of construction sites across the UK to check the action business are taking to ensure their workers are protected.

Fees for Intervention

The HSE recovers the costs of time spent dealing with material breaches of health and safety law. This is known as Fee for Intervention (FFI). FFI generally applies when an inspector finds something wrong that they believe is serious enough for them to write to you about. A fee is charged for the time spent by the inspector in sorting it out. Considering the risks discussed here could help you to avoid having to pay a fee.

What next?

So book a short online demonstration of Health & Safety Xpert or request a free 14-day trial. Give us a call on 0117 916 7898 and we can have a quick chat – and soon you won’t be looking over your shoulder…