The new 2020 editions of our building software range are out now!

Introducing the new 2020 versions of our software range! HBXL Building Software just keeps on getting better!

2020 is a big year. Not just because we’re celebrating our 20th Anniversary. But there are a lot of ‘what ifs’ on the minds of our customers. We believe our 2020 range gives today’s building firms the power to win and manage profitable work with a lot less effort – really important in uncertain times.

Below we’ve  highlighted some of the new features in the 2020 products. They’ll probably mean more to our software users, but as someone who’s considering buying or subscribing to our software,  you can see we give our users the best experience possible – on an ongoing basis.

So take a look at just some of the many features in our already feature-packed software tools…

EstimatorXpress 2020

This is very much a renovation update – from the ground up. So floors, walls, ceilings and roofs – including flat roofs.

Flat roof renovation in new EstimatorXpress 2020

  • Universal Flat Roof Renovation
  • Pitched Roof Ceiling Renovation
  • Wall Upgrade Dense Block Internal Leaf
  • Fire Rated Timber Stud Wall
  • Insulated Block Wall Finished on One Side
  • Wall Upgrade Internal Studwork Leaf
  • Wall Upgrade Lightweight Block Internal Leaf
  • Floor Screed to Existing Slab
  • Floating Floor to Existing Slab
  • Slab Bearing Timber Ground Floor
  • Suspended Timber Ground Floor to Existing Building

Plus new specification tools which allow you to apply multiple specifications to the job:

  • At job type level
  • At estimating calculator level

So tile backer board for instance can be combined with moisture-resistant board in the bathroom renovation.

Multi jobs in new EstimatorXpress 2020


PlansXpress 2020

This is the real wow factor update!

The developers have been working hard under the bonnet of PlansXpress. The software has been given a super-upgraded 3D engine. Amongst many other things, it means faster manipulation of the onboard 3D model.

The on-board 3D viewer in PlansXpress

And as the image above hints at, you can now embellish drawings and models with 3D objects. Look at the tables and chairs, and kitchen… And there’s also landscaping, conservatories, porches…

This is an add-on feature from AEC Easy Block worth £49+VAT but being offered free of charge.

Another new feature – external surfaces such as lawns, patios, drives and edging, have been given textures so they will appear in the 3D model… Your customers are just going to love how their project is going to look. It’s a win-win!

Below are some examples of the effects you can get from PlansXpress Premium which includes our 3D PhotoVisualiser. It really makes the most of the 3D symbols in the software.

Interior of new PlansXpress 2020

Exterior of new PlansXpress 2020

Overhead of PlansXpress 2020

Health & Safety Xpert 2020

This valuable software has undergone a serious upgrade and is now on the same platform as EstimatorXpress. So effectively it has been ‘future-proofed’, having been written in the very latest Microsoft technology. It also gives our developers more opportunities to create new features for you going forward. And there’s more…

  • The transition between screens and dialog boxes is faster – pretty much instant in fact.
  • There is a brand spanking new, clean, fresh interface. A new toolbar/ribbon menu too.
  • There is also a new skin/theme feature so you can go from ‘classic’ or ‘dark’ theme for late night working (which hopefully you won’t need to use!), plus a high contrast version from Microsoft’s accessibility options.
  • Loads of improvements to your user experience – we’ll explain more when the software is launched.
  • There’s a brand new “you’ve not filled it all in” checker to make sure everything is completed properly.
  • There are new Toolbox Talks.
  • The introduction of an all-important Waste Management Plan.

New business-winning documents such as Considerate Neighbour and Energy & Water efficiency.

Main menu in new Health & Safety Xpert 2020

Dark theme in new Health & Safety Xpert 2020

Example of document preview in new Health & Safety Xpert 2020

Design Risk Management for Health & Safety Xpert 2020


ContractsXpert 2020

This has undergone legislation checks and has been upgraded to be compatible with EstimatorXpress 2020. It also has a spell check, easier navigation and new themes, including a dark mode.

ProjectXpert 2020

This tool is now compatible with EstimatorXpress 2020 and has been given an improved template and import mapping.

So if you want a construction business that can handle just about anything in 2020 then have an online demonstration with one of the HBXL Building Software team. And you can also trial the software for 14-days. We’re here, ready to chat on 0117 916 7898. Your building skills. Our building software. Together, let’s build a great business.