Coming soon: Your HBXL 2021 building software range

The HBXL 2021 software range will be launched any week now – and have we got some massively useful new features for you!

If you buy or subscribe to any or all of the software in the meantime you will automatically receive all the new features when they’re released. And all of you who have had the software for some time will automatically receive the updates if your Support & Updates is in-date.

No other UK construction software company aimed at residential building firms gives you such an extensive range of tools to manage your projects. And the developers never stop looking at ways to make HBXL building software even easier to use. We value customer feedback – what you’d like to see in the software is crucially important. And you’ll see here that the 2021 range has advanced even further.

PlansXpress 2021…

PlansXpress bathroom symbolsYour PlansXpress export of a new drawing or traced Take-off will integrate with EstimatorXpress via a Custom Build Quote template. Everything will be accessible via this template. We’ve also got some further drawing tool integration with existing estimating calculators in EstimatorXpress (including electricals, drains, and a wide range of flooring). AND there’s an amazing new collection of 3D objects in PlansXpress to enhance your on board 3D and in the 3D PhotoVisualiser as well if you have the Premium version.

PlansXpress - brick detail

New 3D objects include balconies with railings and glazed balustrades, triangular gable windows, fencing, freestanding porches, baths, Parametric radiators, brick detailing, plus various symbols for underground, foundations, concrete beams and columns, electrical fittings, wall and ceiling lights and shades, Air source heat pump systems…. the list goes on!


EstimatorXpress 2021…

…will have more new estimating calculators (including Pad Foundations, Lead Box Gutters, Doc M Bathrooms, Boxing in) as well as some updates to existing ones. You’ll find improved access to all estimating calculators from Quote templates, Gantt Chart improvements including a printing enhancement, and a brilliant user experience when taking-off from a PlansXpress drawing (that’s to say your PlansXpress import drops into EstimatorXpress in a Custom Quote template). And wait til you see Smart Scheduler, the new add-on for EstimatorXpress which is being released too!

Smart Scheduler…

…is a brand new plug-in for EstimatorXpress which you will be able to buy outright or subscribe to. It’s a bit like a personal assistant, helping you get your materials, plant, labour and subcontract scheduled and ordered/booked. And at a time when the world is massively experiencing construction materials and labour shortages – everyone needs all the help they can get right now! It’s all about getting organised well in advance of your actual requirements. We’ll explain more when it is released.

Health & Safety Xpert 2021…

…will align with Construction Leadership Council 7th Covid-19 guidelines, plus there’ll be several new important documents including; Site Attendance Register with Temperature Register, a Vaccination Record, and Plant Record (to record plant moving between sites). We’ve also added a brand new Traffic Management Plan. And there’s a further 14 documents updated with specific Covid-19 updates including changes to face coverings, self-isolation, travel to work, and hand sanitiser.  You’ll also find improvements to the on-board Gantt Chart including dependencies/aligning with the functionality of the EstimatorXpress Gantt Chart.

ContractsXpert 2021…

…has had its UK GDPR review (now Brexit has occurred) and a general legal review. Importantly, for all new contracts created in ContractsXpert 2021 and above you will now have the ability to alter the contract price in exceptional circumstances e.g. pandemic or legal obligation that could not be reasonably foreseen when the contract was issued. It also includes a covering letter option to remain flexible on the price of the job before the project kicks off – if the job isn’t starting for another 12/18 months. The last thing you want is to end up footing unforeseen rising costs rather than the client – that’s why this new addition is a significant one. There’s also an updated definition of “Insolvency Event” in both subcontractor and client contracts to align with recent legal changes.

ProjectXpert 2021…

…has an updated Project Template – with new Activity Tables & Graphs as well as the following technical tweaks:

  • The ‘no filtering’ is now pinned to the top of the filter list
  • Indent levels – reduce the number of characters indented in the Name/Description field
  • Activity Code values increased from 255 to 2000
  • Colour coding to Activity Table is now per layout
  • MPJX (Microsoft Project Exchange in Java – we’re getting very technical now!!) improvements – export to XML has had further updates
  • Excel Auto-Outline – this field is now available in the Activity Table which when pasted into Excel allows auto-grouping to be actioned
  • Logo removal fix.

All the software tool sync with each other. So all your HBXL software tools need to be 2021 versions if you want them to sync together.

If you aren’t going to be able to benefit from these updates because your Support & Updates has expired, please call the team on 0117 916 7892 or go online to either renew or upgrade (if a longer time has passed).

And remember when you take out a year’s Support & Updates contract, you’ll receive ALL the improvements that have been made to that software product that you’ve missed – not just the new HBXL 2021 software features!